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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan. 23, 2019

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 23 2019 Compiled 23 Jan. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Re...

Monday, January 1, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Jan. 1, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 1 2018

Compiled 2:44 am EDT 1 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Judy Note: On Friday Dec. 29 the new US Note became gold and asset-backed, the Zim was activated and live, sanctions on Iraq were lifted, Iraq exchanges became public and at 7:30 pm EST that Friday Dec. 29, the Pentagon ordered 800#s released and that exchanges were to begin at a pre-determined undisclosed time (thought to be when banks opened on Jan. 2 2018). When the 800# was activated you would be able to schedule bank appointments by calling the 800#, or make an appointment online at a 800# website.

A. Dec. 31 2017 11:16 pm EST TNT Call RayRen98, Tony: TNT Special New Year's Eve Call w/ RayRen98 12-31-17 Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# https://eve

1. Intel from Government sources in Baghdad and in the bank say it will be live Tues. morning Jan. 2. We get a 5 day window.

2. Iraq is done. They are international. Their ATMs are operational and everyone has the new Dinar rate on their cards. Everyone should be fully paid by Jan. 12.

3. It may be another week before we get paid, but we are done. Once the rates hit Forex the rate changes every day. The international rates are traded on a global scale.

4. The Rates on bank screens today Dec. 31:

Dinar: $3.59 (The highest contract rate to expect: $28)

Dong: $.47

Zim: Instead of taking zeros off the Zim notes, they are now putting five zeros in from the rate. That means .0000012 x the notes, which for 100 trillion note means 120 million per note. As for the other zim notes, I just don’t know for sure. We have only been assured that 100 and 50 trillion notes are capable of exchange. For other denominations and rates, I do not know for sure.

Zim: $.11 to $.22 (contract rates)

5. Some people have beem paid ten times higher.

6. The rates are on the screens and the banks are waiting to implement their plans.

7. The plan has always been the same, with the 800 numbers and exchange centers.

8. The only thing we are looking for are “when does it hit Forex?” and “When we do we go in?”

9. There is a five-page NDA, a 36-page NDA and this morning someone said he had a 86-page NDA - that he didn't sign. The various NDAs last for various lengths of time. Only you can decide if the rate is worth the NDA, and you will have to decide on the spot.

10. I was told that nothing would happen until my wife and I both sign the NDA. Both have to sign it or you’re not going to get it. I plan to take my wife when I go.

11. All tax will be taken out before your exchange. It doesn’t matter what the amount is, because it comes off before you do your exchange. We are only concerned with tax on the INTEREST or income. The new tax law definitely shrinks that from 39% to 21% if you do it right. If you do it extra-right, that shrinks from 5% to 0.

12. They don’t want to do 100-year or 50-year payouts, and I don’t know if that is all the banks or the foundational banks. So they have cut down the years, and put up the rates. It could be paid out over 25 years, depending on what you have.

B. Dec. 31 2017 11:41 pm EST, Zap: Better Days" - Weekly ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 12.31.17

1. The cleanup continues, but right now there has been enough that they will get started on the releases.

2. Today I received intel that certain groups would be prepped for currency closings in the first week of Jan. (This is the people who went in and submitted their packages.)

3. I do not have the timing for the general public.

4. The first two weeks of Jan. will be filled with a huge amount of activity. We have no less than five different funds coming into the main accounts with over 3,000 projects to do.

5. About a week and a half ago our corporate lawyer called and said he was paid out on his Zim. Another said he received a couple of hundred million from a paymaster. The third said he was paid out. My take is that certain individuals who had relationships close to the money got an early pay day. The rest of us will have to wait until next week for the start.

6. Susan On Dec 27 the new I.T. System (The Hercules System) was activated. Errors were discovered that in turn have been diagnosed and fixed. Starting Jan 1 2018, funds were getting released, with access to the funds by Jan 15.

C. Dec. 31 2017 11:43 pm EST: "Wells Fargo Evidence" - GCR/RV Short Update - Tank - 12.31.17

There was evidence that Wells Fargo was in fact conducting some version of exchanges.

D. Dec. 31 2017 10:00 pm EST: "Non-Disclosure Agreements" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Tank - 12.31.17 (This is as close to accurate as possible, cleared with the individual who wrote the NDAs).

1. Nondisclosure Agreement: The NDA was a contract through which the parties agree not to disclose information covered by the agreement.

2. If you take the screen rate you will not have to sign an NDA. If that changes in any way, you will have to sign a one-page NDA.

3. The NDA was designed to prevent you from talking about or sharing written information specific and unique to this event.

4. There were three NDAs based on your rates
a. There's a basic one-page NDA for screen rates and non-ZIM exchanges.
b. A two page NDA will be the most common
c. A ten-page NDA allows them to legally monitor your financial activity. It requires execution on a solid humanitarian plan and assets can be frozen if that is not done.

5. NDA Rules to follow:
a. Don't discuss the exchange process,
b. Don't tell people how you made your money,
c. Don't discuss the rate you got for the exchange that you're not supposed to talk about anyway.
d. Don't fund terrorism or anything other criminal activity.

E. Dec. 31 2017 1:42 pm EST: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 31, 2017

1. Final cleanup of the Cabal was almost complete as the New Year approached.

2. The remainder of hidden rogue Cabal elements have been discovered and neutralized. Those captured were being discretely sent to Gitmo for imprisonment.

3. Months ago the Alliance initiated mass indictments, implementing trackers onto all public Cabal minions.

4. Cabal minions within governments across the world were being monitored 24/7 by the Alliance.

5. All geopolitical matters were successfully solved in 2016-2017 - paving the way for the RV.

6. 2018 would begin with a big bang as the RV was about to be released.

F. Dec. 31 2017 6:06 am EST Arpaio & Deep State Indictments for Trafficking: Joe Arpaio Led to the Deep State Indictments for Trafficking

1. Former Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is the “Deep Throat” that’s led to Deep State Indictments for Trafficking

2. Arpaio has been at war with the Department of Justice for years. This former DEA agent understands the “ins and the outs” of gun-running, drug dealing and child-sex-trafficking as it relates to the former Obama administration.

3. As the Sheriff of Maricopa County, he was privy to the illegal activites of the Mexican cartels, associated terror groups and key members of the Obama administration who either sanctioned or purposely turned a blind eye to these heinous practices. When Arpaio refused to capitulate and go along to get along, he was targeted.

4. Under Obama and then Attorney General Eric Holder, the Fast Furious gun running operation placed American guns in the hands of the drug cartels in order to blame the Second Amendment for the violence coming to America.

5. It has already been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama and Holder broke the law and Fast and Furious is absolutely proven to be true.

6. The drug cartels that received the guns, courtesy of Holder’s DOJ, used these guns to support their own gun-running, drug trafficking as well as human smuggling, which included children.

7. It has been conclusively established fact that the drug cartels are in bed with known terrorist groups (eg The Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS).

8. The DOJ under Holder, was also partnered with terrorist groups who have brought drugs, guns and child-sex-trafficking victims and murder to the United States.

9. I was contacted by a former Maricopa County Sheriffs personnel (MCSO) and was told that Arpaio had been feeding information directly to the White House on the criminal activities as it pertained to the Fast and Furious case and Obama’s link to the cartels and their allies in various terrorist organizations.

10. McCain and Hillary suddenly were wearing walking boots on the same day and the explanations for doing so were very suspect. These informants stated that the walking boots were likely concealing ankle bracelets given to indicted suspects. Interestingly, McCains boot changed feet!

G. Dec. 31 2017 1:16 pm EST Truth Documentary (video): (Video) Welcome to Truth -- Full Documentary 2014 Published on Sep 13, 2014

This documentary exposes the hidden truth that you will never or very rarely get to see in the mainstream media. It has to do with the rule of secrecy behind the scenes of world politics, that has been steadily working on a covert plan to dominate the world and rule over us without our consent.

0:00 Open your Eyes
7:20 One World Government/New World Order
11:15 Who Really is in Control?
21:07 Economic Slavery to the Elite
36:00 Satanism & Occultism
1:40:04 The Truth about 911
2:04:02 War on Afghanistan
2:19:50 War on Iraq
2:54:51 War = Profit
3:00:19 Depopulation Agenda
3:22:55 Global (Electronic) Currency
3:25:13 RFID Micro Chip
3:31:48 Big Brother
3:43:03 Media Monopoly
3:47:04 The Influence of Media

H. Dec. 31 2017 11:49 pm EST: Anonymous 4Chan Update: World Peace is Coming, then Revelation

I. Dec. 31 2017 11:52 pm EST: (Video) BPEarthWatch -- Breaking/CNN/Trump was Right About FBI Crimes!

J. Dec. 31 2017 4:02 pm EST: (Video) Destroying The Illusion 12.31 -- Twitter Debacles (Liz Crokin!) | False Flags | Iran Fallout | Imran Awan, and More

K. Dec. 31 2017 4:06 pm EST: BATR: Significance of the JFK Assassination 

L. Dec. 31 2017 4:08 pm EST: (Video) Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb -- Intel Briefing: 9/11 Stolen Gold Seized! Hillary Ran Terrorists!

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