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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

- Cabal blackmail and exposure has been the main delay for the release of the RV.

- A peace treaty will be signed between the U.S., South Korea and North Korea officially ending the armistice.

- The final battle of Syria will be resolved before GESARA.

- The resolving of the Syria situation is not a prerequisite for the RV.

- A solid RV date has been set sometime before the end of this month.

- A few currencies will show up on Forex.

- Keep watch for the 800#'s.




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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Starship Earth: The Big Picture | SGTReport -- QAnon: The Real Psyop Exposed

JANUARY 12, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

#Q: The REAL ‘PSYOP’ Exposed; SGT Report [video]

“It’s complicated”, is right. That was my opening line before I even watched the video. It’s complicated beyond belief and there is some really good dialogue coming out of the QAnon Phenomenon.

I like the “cautious optimism” approach. When things get so bad you’re afraid to hope for anything good at all, that’s an unhappy place to be.

I have great hopes for wonderful things that will be happening. I just don’t like to see people attacking those who want more assurances that someone is who they say they are. There are varying degrees of caution and we each have to maintain a comfort level.

When special words and phrases are introduced to a conversation and not knowing those terms makes one an outsider even though they are a patriot and a dedicated Lightworker, it begins to sound like a cult. +++ How is that relevant?

Plain language would be preferable, but when there is no way to secure a communication portal, it can be tough to tell who’s for real and who’s a LARP. Some are wondering if it was the real QAnon who released the DEFCON 1 message, or an imposter. Some are wondering if Q and QAnon are the same entity.

Perhaps the QAnon Phenomenon is totally legitimate, or perhaps it isn’t, but when the love affair with Q divides the patriots, we need to address it.

Sean does a good job of justifying why he is filled with optimism due to the actions he sees—and he’s absolutely right that Hillary Clinton had to be prevented from sitting on the throne at all costs or it would have been game over for America and Humanity in general. I’ve claimed that more than once. Was it a miracle? Perhaps it was. We’ve said enough prayers and we sure needed one.

President Trump is the current situation we are dealing with and we shall do the best we can—TOGETHER, not split asunder. Respect of others’ opinions is mandatory as we navigate our individual journeys. We can do this. ~ BP

Published on Jan 12, 2018

There is a growing chorus of critics in social media who claim that the entire #Q phenomenon is either a psyop or a LARP (Live Actor Role Play). The critics allege that anyone who is sharing news from Q is either a naive fool who has been duped, or worse – a disinfo agent. Many of these critics also say that President Trump is nothing more than a puppet of the Rothschild globalist agenda, a willing pawn just playing his part. Let’s take a closer look at these charges – and at the reality of our situation.

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