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Monday, January 1, 2018

Sun Tzu versus Alexander the Great

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | by RT

Sun Tzu, we know, was the great oriental strategist, the master of calculation and, I guess because I haven't read him, misdirection, all that kind of thing.

Alexander, as we know, was more your up front, open, fearless, go for the very heart of the matter, courageous warrior. On the field of battle he set his horse and thrown spear straight for the Persian King - the very reason the Persian army was there - and sent him fleeing. Battle over score one for Alexander as he rides off in hot pursuit.

Why bring these two radically different approaches up. Well Sun Tzu seems very much the thinker being honored in the current and finalizing mode of the cabal take down - very secret, let's very slowly and precisely, ease the situation along.

And I, and I am quite sure nearly everyone who has been researching and following alt non-mainstream news for some time wishes the take down took on a more Alexandrian aspect - more upfront media splash, more fighting out in the open rather than otherwise - trusting that the country will acknowledge and get behind its real champions.

Slow and measured death by a thousand cuts, everything being slowly and virtually imperceptibly taken out behind the scenes.

And I wanted to celebrate I really did.

I wanted a few big scale and public arrests complete with a crime record that shows how crazy-dark and deep the abyss was they were playing in so I could say to all the friends I have been boring silly with this stuff, 'Look, I told you so, didn't I tell you so and now it has all happened or at least you can see it has begun in earnest.'

It is a pity in another way because part of me is convinced that this 'softly, softly', approach is based on fear (of reaction, reprisals) rather than trust (that people do in fact value truth, our shared humanity and the law, over any other affiliation) and so I have to hope that something comes along or turns up to trip up part of this minutely planned and put together process, something is exposed they were hoping to keep behind the screen so those at the business end get to see their fears were not only groundless but that the more transparent, then the more positive, healthy, healing and uniting the outcome.

Anyway we are all evolving and have to forgive the others mistakes, especially when they are kind enough to let us in on the plan, such as they have been able.

And I could be wrong. Wiser heads could be running things so that the best strategy is underway inspite of my disappointment and lets face it there is disappointment, not in the victory but in the way it is being, it 'has' to be, handled.

It was going to be so good seeing the big names in the orange suits with the big trials that put everyone in the picture and set the purged media on fire with discussion and anticipation - electrifying.

We get to mourn this, if we lose what was anticipated - a full scale, fully publicized, loud and open victory - and have to live on leaks to keep up with whatever might be really happening, and how it ties in with the public news, then we get to mourn that loss, we get to morn that the country has been deemed not fit enough, not united enough, to take the truth wholesale.

It is possible, due to the utter incomprehensible senselessness of many of the crimes, that even the most united country might be expected to be left out of some of the the loop in terms of discussable news - but then I guess it would at least be informed this was going on.

Anyway it could be a lot worse. The cabal could have won, taken over and be shoving their victory openly and transparently in our noses. So given victory, without publicity and utter loss with full publicity, I think I am on the right timeline.

Here is hoping it keeps improving.

Happy New Year!


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