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Monday, January 22, 2018

Suzanne Maresca -- To Follow or Not to Follow...

To Follow or Not To Follow…

January 22, 2018

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Suzanne Maresca

It isn’t an easy task to know who is telling the truth right now. In the interest of making the attempt, I’ve started following certain independent investigative journalists, first on YouTube and then also on Twitter.

I created an anonymous account simply to follow the folks who’ve been connecting the dots and digging for information. Not to tweet or comment, just to follow a few who seem to be clear-headed and service-minded people, and in at least one case galactic.

It’s kind of awesome and exciting really, although the things being exposed right now are indeed truly ugly and evil.

Realization of our own Divine Nature seems to make it more tolerable to learn of these things. Perhaps because we know that this intense chaos means the exposure of all the nasty things that have been proliferating in the dark for so long.

The Light shines on everything now.

If you’re feeling ready to go down the one-way road of challenging knowledge, check out on both YouTube and Twitter:

Jordan Sather, Destroying the Illusion

Roy Potter

Tracy Beanz

And on Twitter ~ @ScottAnthonyUSA @jerome_corsi @ImperatorRex3 @Project_Veritas @JamesOKeefeIII @B75434425 @LizCrokin

I will say that most if not all of these folks think that Obama is as bad as the Clintons or Bushes or Soros. I do not. My feeling is that the man is Light Aware, and he took a job that brought him to live among the sickest, stickiest and ugliest humans on this planet. In order to keep his family safe and actually do some good, he cut a deal. As I understand it, he says as much in his book.

It would be folly, I think, to invest completely in any one person’s ideas. It’s a fabulous time to be a participant/observer of the planetary situation, and from a place of altitude. Everyone holds a piece of this exquisitely-complex puzzle, and the fruition of all of our work will be a peaceful and prosperous existence for everyone.

What if this flood of information/disinfo has in part been designed so we would sharpen our powers of discernment, deepen our connection to inner guidance and finally reach a place of releasing into the unknown? Basically expanding our perceptions so that we’re comfortable with the uncertainties of our current lives…a real trust walk.

Anyway, we all have choice around what we subscribe to. How we feel about things is actually a vital part of this Ascension process. And make no mistake, the most sought-after prize right now is public opinion. Isn’t it lovely to be so powerful?

For me, checking into what’s going on is an important part of keeping my spirits up, because things are actually happening now that we’ve long been waiting for. This course is not for everyone and we all have a different role to play.

As sovereign beings, we get to choose what feels true…what makes us seize up inside or what floods us with warmth and hope. We know more than we think.

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