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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Babaji-grateful Pine Cone: Huge Step for Kindman

Mahavatar Babaji

I am so, very grateful for Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing to help me through Today’s deeper experiential surrender to fear prayed courage enough to retreat slowly from the addiction to narcissistic psychopaths. for days now I have played the ridiculous elephant part of standing on a stool, as afraid as can be for a Mouse-tiny trigger, that opened up to my ancient fear of Bully=Blackmail=Burnout layers from childhood, way back into many lifetimes as a sex-slave Hostage.

I couldn’t sleep through the night with Peace of Love, as usual, so I am awakening to the Cosmic Illusion of dreaming I am a, mere separate energy, as if one drip-pity drop in the Love Ocean Singularity Cosmos. I am, not alone in our efforts to withdraw from Bullies everywhere, and I am Universally Grateful to each one of us who dare to turn within, and trust our emerging Spiritual Sovereignty. If I don’t do another thing this year of, so many lifetimes mixed in together this same year, I will take it easy on myself, and enjoy freedom writer’s repentance relief, as if I don’t know anything at all about everything, we can call the Nirvana Nothingness within absolute unborn infinity.

I had transferred all my Hostage-addiction to one last family member, that I am withdrawing from, and it triggered every time I remained helpless as a child with murderous parents, including many other lifetimes as the victim/victimizer/caretaker in fused family/friend relationships. This sick loyalty ‘resentment’ defines our Dualistic Commonality motive to remain Tower Prisoners inside our Body-memories, and call Mortal-sex, Immortal Love in the mistaken name of caring human-kindness.

The little squeaky mouse, that perched this frightened elephant on a turd-tiny toad-stool included my experiential childhood rape, and murders, with all the constant W-ar A-buse R-ape human sacrifices, and the Satanic Child-sacrifices mixed in with our Collective Cosmic Authoritarian Centralization Universal Unconscious Consciousness, and God knows what else during this past 5 days building up to “ I can do this with forgiveness-gratifying Holy Spirituality Grace.”

One small step each step of the way through taking care of business, I didn’t judge myself for the Blackmail that was imposed on me from Corporation-mistakes they use to scare us into submission, and I even found myself with Holy Spirit grateful Humor to act like the victimizer-minions involved were part of the solution, not the problem. Sick cats, foul belly ache, not sleeping good, and not being able to communicate within the intended Bully-matrix made this experience seem altogether too real, revealing our statist stasis Collective Hostage Consciousness.

Thank you for the alliance, the whistleblowers, the many brave Patriots, the risk takers and the ones like me, who withdraw from my own addiction, as if someone like my parents were going to kill me in my sleep again. My huge soft grieving-elephant feet are on the Cosmic withstanding Crown of infinite Delight from The One, and all here who Babaji-dare to surrender with, and within me now. Can anyone else see how complaining to the, very same ones who are, already enjoying Blackmailing us is our shared shame-base self-ridicule, while even the empowered Alliance is teaching us not to trust negotiating with these unconscionable genocidal predators?

My motive for writing every day is to express infinite gratitude for Holy Spirit Forgiveness-infinity, and my motive today is similar, to express infinite Gratitude for each, and every infinite Cosmic human possibility here on our fear prayed courage Collective Operation Disclosure ONENESS Spirit Conscience. Centuries of Blackmail-censuring welcomes the Truth here, and I can’t help but ONENESS WONDER how I would have, ever gotten through these last few days without the crack in our Cosmic egg here, that is now able to explore in our commonality, whatever comes from Ascension happening from the inside Spiritual Sovereign causal, out. Tiny children scared to death to self-disclose any more is reason enough to speak the Truth of Love from all our broken hearts that beat as one, without continual Karmic-generational Mortal-censure W-ar A-buse, R-ape Blackmail/Hostage genocidal-motives in Mortal Children-charge, Immortal Love-denied.

This Wetware awareness compares to Cold-conk treachery, that even a Weaponized-child can jump up on a tiny GMO stool, as if the whole Pine Cone cosmos took on the conipinikin weight of our Familial elephant herd in the Universal childhood-horror Mother Earth Trophy Room. Thank you for~every~where anyone Loves, more than Shame-hates, and for anyone who, already withdrew from Horrifying Narcissistic Psychopaths, and went through similar withdrawal, as if it, really is possible to leave the Blue Pill Matrix Mafia, and live to tell Operation Disclosure Lovelies about it.

Babaji The Lightning Standing Still - The Complete Truth about Mahavatar Babaji

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