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Monday, February 26, 2018

Karmic conipinikin: Kindness Unplugged

Trapped in the Psychological Game - Sadhguru 2017

When a Karmic-human psychopath clings pitifully to any concrete part of Duality Matrix, Karmic mirror-double kin divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes kick the Karmic cling-on mean-Spirited Karmic-dissonant suffering bastard-orphan down unforgiven unkind morphogenetic-vengeance road.

My Mother, Father, brother-mirrors and missing sister-mirrors this lifetime are, all psychopath-mirror-double Karmic Kin, and we, all were, are, and will be Karmic-dissonant psychopaths, until one of us surrenders to the Kindness Unplugged of this Red Pill Unifying Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal septic-lifetimes Duality-paradigm.

I got so used to Karmic human psychopathic Kin for so many concrete clinging lifetimes that, as I am surrendering to enlighten forgiveness~gratitude compassion, a new Spiritual-definition of Psychopathic revelation is, clearly discerning, even more compassion for my concrete-clinging Karmic-unconscious True Self in ONENESS Spirit Conscience favor, instead.

There isn’t one human that, ever was, is, and will be visible, that isn’t a Karmic-reflection of other Karmic cling-on lifetimes so, just by definition of Karmic Mortality, suffering Karmic cognitive-dissonance defines a physical illusory Karmic human psychopath, who clings pitifully to any part of Duality Blue Pill “I’m used to it” Psychopathic-run cling-on matrix.

A normal human violent-reaction of Karmic-shame can arise at any unfortunate-seeming cling-on Pathetic-moment in the anti-life Karmic dissonant psychopathic denial-sufferer, but if we see with compassionate single eye vision, in a split second this lifetime triggers shame from this lifetime suffering, back into past lifetime shame-suffering, and every shame clinging unhealed scab in between, as many smothering nose-picking septic lifetimes from anywhere in ONENESS leavening from Heaven above, down, and throughout ONENESS Spirit Conscience in that one split second Pathetic-reaction.

A psychopath is ‘any’ human, who clings pitifully to any part of concrete Duality Blue Pill cell-division Mother Earth Matrix village, so that includes every Karmic-human that clung, clings and will cling pitifully to any part of Karmic dissonance, by the, very definition of Karmic-human. We are all, so pitifully-pathetic cling-on Psychopathic, that we judge ourselves for split second killer-thoughts, without any compassion for psychopathic-others as our mean-spirited selves. Then we chortle wiles with ridiculing smiles, as if getting-even Karma doesn’t kick our, own sorry can down the karmic cling-on vengeance Psychopathic Karmic-kin later dissonant handy dandy split-soul road.

True Forgiveness of others as ourselves, absolutely reveals the Illusion of every Karmic dissonant cling-on part of Duality-matrix Karmic human-suffering, enlightens compassion, and Unifies Karmic-dissonant lifetimes Mercy so we can stop human Psychopathic vengeance in favor of ONENESS Spirit Conscience, with no more ancient allegiance to Collective anti-sovereignty Karmic-psycho self-ridiculing cling-on xenophobic Consciousness. I surrender today that I had gotten so used to Psychopathology social-norm humans, that everything seemed natural, to react with hatred in the name of power-over other Psychos, as myself without a Nirvana Aether-conscience either.

Ascension-paradigm in the Red Pill surrender to our human-psychopathic Chamber of Commerce compassion-denial Mother Matrix, already enlightens this new kinder definition to help enhance our desire to turn within ONENESS Spirit Conscience, and let go of any more cling-on Pathetic Duality Karmic-grapes of Psycho-wrath. When anyone reacts, it reveals so many Karmic layers of toxic maturing elemental septic shame, that only a fool would continue to self-blame project when every part of this Death-paradigm just can’t wait to bury bodies, even faster than anybody needs to become forgotten to support the ‘cleaners’ who scare the Hell out of any normal cling-on in this denial-riddled exponential karmic-vengeance paradigm from psychopathic, so called Satanic Dare-win Winner Hell.

Funny thing about the Psychopathic elite cling-ons is that the military-police that work directly as the slave-catcher death-censures in this Quarantine earth Mother-matrix, are the, very Psychopathic icons that need to let go of their own cannibal sex-slavery toxic-shame reactions the most, and when I say Holy Spirit-funny thing, I mean ‘Psycho-weird’ in the way, that winners sold their soul, already and poor-losers haven’t Karmic-dissonant died dead-compassion dead-conscience Karmic kick the can down lonely vengeance-road yet.

Would that we be Karmic-kin mirror-double Kind we would surrender our normal psychopathic suffering, and enlighten compassion, that has, never seen the Christ Light of any single-separate human dead Karmic-separate dissonant cling-on day …. day ‘winner/loser murder is, just the, only good Psycho-business Mother Earth codependent Grapes of Psycho-wrath Vengeance way’ on any undead Collective Killer Vino-cleaner Consciousness reaction-street.

I get the neighborhood idea that I am becoming Kind, and so Kind, that nothing seems normal here on Earth ‘in a Good way any more’, and I remember surrendering one Kind-step before when I could honestly admit that I can take any criticism as Praise, considering the Earth-source and, especially that any reaction-motive comes from Karmic slave-catcher lifetimes censuring, that we, cell-division Atomic-nuclear degenerate-psychos could call ONENESS Spirit Conscience Murder when we get Crystalline Ascension-Kind-honest, and Karmic Kin-humble clear-enough.

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