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Monday, February 26, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: Economy Trading Between Nations: Goods, Tariff, Tax

Economy Trading Between Nations: Goods, Tariff, Tax

Source: Angel Team v2

WTO must be disband, EEA, NAFTA, TTP, blabla trade agreements should be removed. What a bunch of moron stupid idiot leader have no clue what the smoke are they doing.

What the hex is Free Trade are you talking about? The only nation have no free trade is the North Korea only, while all of other Nations already able to to buy/sell/trade with anyone already.
All the NAFTA, TTP, EEA trade agreements have only one purpose which is reduce fee cost to enter the market. It only help/support big multinational company (99.99% big company using illusion marketing tactics to cheat “normal citizens”).

Economy (Eco-no-my) is the flow of money in my dictionary. If you want free trade if must understand the word Economy first, to make it fast: all the tariff, sales tax take must base on the materials & weight of goods/products ! Not base on some illusion number or any kind of stupid advice/policy.

Here is my quick solution:
– Each Nation should have entry fee base on weight & material no matter what type of product: Example:
100% natural material product (including box/bag): 1000 gram (1kg) : $1, 1 tons (1000 kg): $1000 dolar
if have any artificial chemical like plastic involve: 100 gram $10, 1 tons $100 000.
The rate could be set by all stupid “NAFTA, TTP, EEA” or what the hex you want to come up.

– Government now should only care about sale tax, allow all products to “display/show off” on the market, the only thing matter is when the customer buy products.

I still prefer set sale tax base the necessary & disvolve-able material:
+ Foods:

* Organic Fruits/Vegetables/Flowers/Seeds: 0%

* Non organic: 20% price

* GMO foods: 100% price
+ Wearing goods: Cloths, hat, paper:
* organic plant-based (like hemp, bamboo, linen): 0% + weight tax (10% of the price)

* non-organic (artifical material involve): 20% + weight tax (50% of the price)

+ All other products follow the same rule but with higher tax. You must set the tax base on material & weight of the products.

You cannot set the products sale tax base on feeling or price the company set itself.

There should be addition out-nation sale tax depend on each nation, if your nation have surplus cloths or any other products, you can set out-nation sale tax 20 to 50%, etc.

In order for the world have fair & square trading between each companies, nations: you must force all company display raw material products cost.

The company brand must be earned base on reputation, support, not base on just some stupid marketing, celebrities endorsement or whatever fake cheating methods.


Messiah Udumbara

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