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Monday, February 26, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: Education Degrees are Worthless, School Learning Must be Optional

Education Degrees are Worthless, School Learning Must be “Optional” & not a “Must”

Source: Angel Team v2

Education System must be reformed because the current system was designed to destroy kids, students. If you asked anybody, how many % “knowledge” they remember about all 12 school years & still useful, able to apply to real daily life, the answer should be in single digit.

All the educational degrees like IELTS, TOEIC, GMAT, SAT, PHD, blabla are just a piece of paper to show you just “read something & pass a exam of that”, it do not show you can use anything in real life yet.

Do you need to study & pass history, geography, chemist, math, language in order to work as an IT programmer or a sport player?

The reason many kids do not like to study because many if not all subjects are too boring & have 0 affect in their life !!!

All the school, university learning should be an “Optional” for everybody, even the exam should be “waived”, you can should only give them a paper tell “have studied this programs”.

If any Governments & Company want to recruit the best talents they must recruit base on talent & using old ancient method: all are allowed to join the test no matter background (of course, you must make sure they are organic human, not robot AI or clone). Of course you need a “magnificent manager” to know who is the best candidate out there.

I still prefer to have a “reward bounty system – pay anyone who able to resolve problems”. Because it all about idea & solution, not about the educational degrees.


Messiah Udumbara

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