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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: Its Time for Humanity to Choose their Own Destiny

Its Time For Humanity & Each Person Choose Their Own Destiny, Take Their Responsibility For Their Action

Source: Angel Team v2

In the biggining, everything is beautiful, human, plants & animals co-exist, living in peaceful & harmony…. For some “reasons” Earth has became a mess like today.

Oh wait, that story sound familar with Zimbabwe Money Note…..

It is time for Global System Reset, it is time for human race choose the way of life.

Do they want to live like a robot, or live like a human & beyond that limit?

It is time for the Secret Space Program (SSP) & all secret societies, top organizations disband !

All of you do not represent human race, have no right to talk with any ET races & decide the future of human race on Earth planet !

The SSP must tell all the ET races withdrawal Earth & come back in 40 years.

The new system must be fair for everybody no matter their background & their history.

In the new system, each person will allowed to choose their own Passport/ID number & Bank account number.

Each person will have to care themself.

Nobody is allowed to buy/sell/trade any human organs or take advantage of others under any circumstances.

If you are about to die because of abuse alcohol/foods, etc. Then die for the sake of “whole Earth team”. No “transfer” anything!

It is time for the bad people to die, the good people to live.

It is time to use spirit Earth record library to find out who is the “criminal architecture” of all bad actions on Earth.

There is no such thing as “the chosen one” for who chose you? You chose you, you chose your own destiny !

Nobody have right to save the one who “knew it was wrong” but still keep doing it, even God of All Life cannot save you!

It is time for “Law of the Land” return !


Messiah – Udumbara Flower Holy King

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