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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: New Nations Metric System -- EFH: Environment, Foods, Happiness

New Nations Metric System – EFH: Environment, Foods, Happiness

Source: Angel Team v2

Nations are chasing for GDP, people chasing for Money without caring about Environments. All are chasing for illusion number. They are work very hard for money then willing to spend all that money to cure sickness/extend their longevity, where the immortal life formula cost nothing already exist.

How sad ?!

Planet Earth must have new Nation Metric System base on 3 factor: Environment, Foods, Happiness. So that the people can wake up & know the life purpose, any other policies like raising tax have no effect!


Prophercy, Time Traveler already talked about the climate change problems, but that is just the “prediction” where it can alter if you know the main cause & have the right solution, nothing is certain 100%.

How much Greenland worth nowadays? 0 because you cannot grow foods, all the land are frozen !

The basic needs for all human are fresh, clean, clear air, water & soil. So that must be the first metric to know whether or not that Nation is strong or weak in the ranking.


Organic Nature Foods are the second factor because the human body need them, they cannot digest metals, machine (at least at the moment, they are not Gods yet). Just look at the UK snow yesterday, everybody stock foods first but not any mobile phone, technology !

Variety, Self-supply organic fruits & vegetables are the must in all Nation. What happen if all the Nation close border/trading like the North Korea? Or they can raise the price of foods?

Each Nation have their own land, climate & geographic. Even though the tropical warm area have easy advantage because of nature growth plants but the cold climate have the upper hand in term of quality. You do not find the fruit as good as Cherry, Blueberry, Peach in tropical area. In term of nuts, cold climate are the place to find.


Happy with your life, with the Government, policy are the last factor. Some may say money can buy happiness but no sorry, money can only buy material ! Just look at the Chinese super rich spent a lot of money to buy footballers, how stupid or you can ask, see many story about celebrities to know the answer.

The stupid people want robot replace human, they think everybody will agree with them. But the true is that no any robot can replace human, nobody want to go to restaurant where the stupid same voice robot talk like many youtube video !

If Earth planet can have the New Nations Metric System – EFH: Environment, Foods, Happiness, then there will be a lot of more jobs heading toward saving planet Earth naturally.

The GDP system will be forget, what the matter is the real money spending where nobody talk about, all are talking about illusion, stock value number, etc. How stupid !!!

The EFH system will be the perfect tool for people to realize their living purpose where most are forget on Earth.

Messiah Udumbara Flower Holy King

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