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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: Transition Period Strategy and Policy Advice

Transition Period Strategy & Policy Advice

Source: Angel Team v2

Crazy Stupid Earth, Crazy Stupid Time we are living in, too much fake illusions. I am aware of everything on Earth, I remind all Nation Leaders again that there is always option to by pass all kind of “fake law and institution” which is call “law of land” where people on that land will vote for any policy instead of politicians.

The Global System Reset is coming soon, here is some useful policy can be used in the transition periods:

1. Foods & Agriculture

* Setup a “National Foods Bank” company:

Foods storage type: Only Vegetables or Plant-based foods.

Section 1: Buying all “left-over” fresh organic natural fruits & vegetables of from all farmers in the Nation with 90% of market price for minimum 10 years. Budget depends on each Nation but should be minimum 10 millions GBP value per month. There should be some quota buy from each farmer each month if too much foods.

Section 2: Allow people donate foods they are not used as long as the foods is still in good condition including package foods. This is only for transition period, in the long run only allowed left over organic natural foods (of course only allow plant-based foods).

– Distribute foods for people need (homeless people, low-income people with some limit amount 500 gram or 1000 gram foods per person/per day).

– The Government can setup 1 foods bank store per each district or county/village.
– If possible then even have “hot-meal” section in each district where people will work volunteers.

* Have a TV shows/websites where:
– Display/show the zoom-in of ready-meals foods like fast foods are selling on the street. People will see a lot of bateria/virus in that meals foods.

– Should also zoom-in & display all kind of foods like organic fruits & vegetables, to left-over cooked death foods, etc.

The biggest mistake of humanity it that the virus/bateria is reside in foods but they are not aware of, the only way to know/show it is using microscrope, but normal people do not have the tools to check, so the Government need to have that kind of TV shows/websites so the people can see the truth.

2. Privacy, Information

What a joke to see all company/entity is allowed to collect all kind of citizens information like ID/Passport, house address, banking card to DNA, biometric, etc. It must be stop now.

* All company/entity is not allowed to collect/ask ID/Passport & house address
– Only the legal/military/police branch of National Government is allowed to store ID/Passport & house address of citizens. The best way is only allow Government employee search that information if that citizen violating any kind of laws. I suggest that date server located in military base.
– All banking company/finance insitution & others have to update the house address to City, State/Nation format only, do not allow store extract housing number, street, district. Example an address of a bank account should be like Los Angeles, California, US or Paris, France or London, UK.

All the bank statement can be find online via computer/phone, there is absolutely no need to allow bank/any entity know the citizen living address.

When open new bank account, the citizens only have to show ID/Passport, bank only need to record that number do not need to copy & store documents. All other field like jobs/company/income etc. must be passed !!! There are not criminal, the job of hunting bad people is the police/military.

In the new system, each citizens should have a ID card like credit debit card now where there is a device can read & verify if it real/legal or not (like the POS device now). That will be used for withdrawal, online card using, etc. And if combine with phone SMS verification, there is no way “hacker” can do anything even if they have card number.

Bank should only allow to store personal info: Name, City/State location, ID/Passport number, phone number.

– Online Shopping Store/Shipping company only allowed to store housing address, not banking card or ID/Passport in this transition time, all company must allow customer shipping to PO box or any address.

The ultimate way is Nation Government setup a “proxy address store” in each district/city, then allow citizens to collect their goods if they have code.

When a person buying a goods: they will shipping a proxy address location & the shoppers will return them a buying code. Then that person will enter that code into the proxy address store, when the goods arrive, they will receive a notification (could via sms or via in person). Then they can collect goods in person or ask for a delivery.

Do you see billions if not trillions money business idea yet? I register above trade mark here online, no entity is allowed to use above idea except the National Government(if they provide free or close to free service to citizens).

* No entity is allowed to buy/sell/trade citizens information (ID/Passport, Phone Number, Bank Account, Card, etc.)
* No entity is allowed to collect DNA/biometric of any citizens under any circumstance

FUK off all Government allow to that happen. All the company provide have that kind of service are using it for all kind of cloning & stupid stuff, it is all scam ! They are using all kind of stupid marketing like tell your ancestor root or diet blabla. It must be stop now before it is too late.
Punishment: Seize all asset, no more talking.

The evil/cabal network has reached to almost all Nations, the only Nation left is the North Korea. Even China/Vietnam/Cuba it already reached.

The only solution now it setup branch new citizens system but above it a quick temporary transition solution.

3. Technology, Security

Earth still at baby stage of technology, the next evolution on Earth is using 100% natural hardware instead of “man-mad software language”. But at the moment there should be policy like:

– All softwares/apps must show/display the type:
+ Paid
+ Free with close-source
+ Open-Source with tracking

+ Open-Source without tracking

Many softwares/apps are open source/free but still have kind of tracking/connecting with server.

No Tracking software/app do not collect and/or send data of user in any form or raw or encrypted data to any server any moment including clicking update button.

Example: Allmost all apps & phones have android using Google search/Google chrome browser are Spy tracking software because whenever you open your phone Google have your location instantly

Here is a tips for all National Government & Banking System:

– Install the new Open Source Operating System: Debian 9.3 (the lastest version)

Do/Setup it for all Government computer, school, banking.

– It already have LibreOffice, do not need Microsoft Office.

– Turn off all automatic update of all software.
– Hire & ask some IT of debian & expert team if have any open source tracking or not.

– Do not need to install any anti-virus software/app.

– The OS it-self are very hard to be hacked & normal employee cannot easily touch/install some outsider-software like in the Windows OS.

– The OS free & open source, it is the best at the moment, there is no need to maintance & pay fee for overated paid-software. It cannot be worse than close-source software/app.

– It will be the new standard in new Global system, say no to closed-source software.

4. Shutdown all kind of clone/testing/transfer/making of/on human/animals

Fuk all stupid people & group who are doing stupid things. Nobody even want to see all faces look like in South Korea beauty contest already, let alone cloning whole body, brain/memory transfer blabla.

All Nation Government must shut down it immediately, the worst case is show some video proof about “clone malfunction” to the public. People already know & aware of animal clone, seize/burn all assets of all that company & people related to. It is ridiculous & beyond stupid, where the fuk is common sense ?

I am not fan of using “aliens” technology. It is always better to create & using your own products you made.

5. Money, Crypto Currency, Digitals Goods

The question now is when introduce law allow only digital currency on digital goods?

In new system there are 3 tier of money type: 1. Land-backed Money, 2. Metals, 3. Digital Money

You can only allowed buy Digital Money from Government but not allowed to sell it to anybody/entity including the Government. At least 10 years, only allow free trade when all Nation on the same page then each Nation Virtual Currency will convert into single Earth Virtual Currency.

The problem now is Earth still forcus too much on stupid technology so I prefer do it in 2019, just before the voting on physical asset land backed money in each Nation. While the basic rule about lands/foods needed to be address first.

6. Foreign Aids, “Poor” Nations Support

The first thing each Nation should do it cut all the money flow into International Groups like the UN, Unicef, Red Cross, etc. All International Groups should be disband !!!

Setup a new National branch call “Aids support”, hiring own people in that Nation to distribute Foods & Cloths, Essential Stuffs to the area where people needed including homeless people of that Nation.

– Buying organic plant-based foods from your own Nation to send it to Africa (most poor location on Earth in both knowledge & foods resources). Buying some dried fruits like dates/raisin from the Arab Nation I suggested.

– Help/teach them do agriculture. I highly recommended plant Moringa tree (the only tree on Earth do not receive artificial chemical I have known so far), dates palm & cactus tree.

So instead of giving away billions money to unknown group every year, you use it to employee your own people & have direct support to the people need the support.

– Do not give money to build stupid road using any kind using plastic/artifical material like in Australia, it is such a joke to see the “plastic road” burn & get destroyed just by the heat of the sun.

– If want to build house using 100% natural ingredients like bamboo or hempcrete. You should only buy & give them building material, they have hand so they can build on their own.


Messiah – Udumbara Flower Holy King

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