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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Pine Cone within Holy Spirituality: Spiritual Sovereign Unity

OSHO: For Thirty-two Years I Have Been Absolutely Nothing

Wake up Call

If we, all worked together on a Law against Satanic Cannibalism, not only would 99% of the Collective sex-slavery imprisoned become aware for the first time there is such a Monster-thing, but half way through the Law-making process every Law on the elite books would disappear, in favor of a new vital Unity Collective Conscience.

What is the difference between Satanic Shock, and Awe of millions in a mass genocidal role model for children, and a mass school shooting role play, when the shooters and the elite work together with the Law, that actually plan together well enough, to role model the perfect mind control schools where everyone learns from continual gang hood trauma bully goons every day, all day long, without fail?

Anyone asleep in the Satanic elite bureaucracy, actually believes their job protects children and their lost innocence, already for Karmic-generations on Satanic Earth, yet what is any motive to protect others, except projection transference, just to avoid some personal shame surrender from the time when they already sold their soul to the Satanic Cannibalism collective Mother/Cop/Justice Laws to protect the elite Power-over we, Satanic minion bureaucratic Stockholm Syndrome victim/volunteers.

Even that we think we are here speaks to our Karmic-shame from xenophobia, and Karmic-hate from many lifetimes before, and there will be no Law for the elite, that stops vanquishing Earth innocence, any more than there will be Ascension without any more need for Satanic Laws to judge the weakest among us. Our worst criminals are the women, and the elite that live above the Law, already, and both fit the precise Self-hate narcissism Karma projected onto the meek to Spirit hostages, that can’t wait to Sovereign~inherit this new Unified “No elite Laws” Kinder Planet.

Thank you anyone for inquiring what Law would stop all the realer terrorists, that make the Laws, and enforce the Laws against mankind’s innocence, and I remember a time when I stopped all support for our, own genocide of the abused, and traumatized, and switched my allegiance to live a new Life of Spirit beauty, and Love truth in ONENESS Spirit Conscience, instead of Collective Satanic Consciousness denial.

Intentional Spiritual Community

I turned within though my personal, and Universal Portal to, all other dimensions a long time ago, when I redefined “Spiritual” as that, very act of closing my two eyes of Duality-laws supporting judgement, and surrendered to my own insanity for voting for any Satanic efforts to shove a red hot fire-poker up our Collective Karmic-behind. Today, thanks to someone inquiring about a new elite fire-poker in our Karmic future, I realize “Spiritual” also means “ONENESS”.

Not one person, who gets, too close to the Satanic-minion Monster, doesn’t act like them, so if we begin discussing, at our grass roots, about a Law to protect our children from ‘us’, our traumatized selves, another sleeping giant Collective would stop supporting Body-focus narcissism, and stop selling half our children, just to keep the monsters from becoming too hungry any more.

Hey this beginning discussion is, already helping me stop worshipping Mother-gossips who work directly with the Law-cops, and work for the procreation, and survival breeding just to be last in line for the same death-camps that, never stopped the same Satanic-elite Laws that, already work just fine, to run their Cannibalism Child-dump Quarantined Satanic Planet(Mother Earth is quarantined from the rest of Ascension Universe, already, and one more Satanic Law seems more like, even the Cannibals have an acquired distaste for Mother-GMO children any more).

Imagine a woman reacting against this new type Ascension discussion, or the Mother of that national inquirer one, who obviously knows nothing about the elite origin slave-catcher purpose of Feminizionism Laws, and the alternative Galactics who are, now saving all our sorry asses from total nuclear annihilation, already.

The UN Blue Hats, the PINK Law posse-worshipers, the red hat female man-haters, the Mothers against Dad Dawgs, the bitter old women who demand more children for the elite food program, and a myriad of others supporting the Collective Satanic efforts to eat us away, millions at a time maybe would begin to motivate us to live another life in Spirit of beauty in truth, and stop voting for Duality dentists that poison our Portals en masse without flinching once, for the Satanic-breeder traumatizing cause.

Who in their right mind would stop any “Talk, Think, Feel” discussion, when the Satanic elite are, still in charge of stopping Intentional talking, stopping Spiritual Thinking, and stopping Community feeling? I wake up in this body sore from sleeping through many lifetimes of Monster-denial, and the only thing saving me from myself is one idea of the good, where Intentional Spiritual Community is the thorn in between the Lioness’s toes that can’t function any more without a tiny mouse like me, that won’t leave Mothers out of Ascension, unless they still think their body (beauty?) lasts longer, than their Unifying Spirit-truth; less the need for male-body gossip character assassination bitter-projection, just for a few more death camp perks, and extra potatoes?

During my experience in a Spiritual Community we discussed how a separate women’s group would destroy our Intentional Sovereign Unity, and, all I had to go on at the time was how my Mother acted like she could do anything to my brother and I, as if she taught me about how the elite act right now, eating up half our children. Today I surrender to “Spiritual” meaning looking within Spirit, not the body-focus, and, also can add to this now, that surrendering to “Spiritual” means switching from bitter-gossip to “Kind Unity” motives, with a brand new humble Ascension Light Being Spirit Conscience devotion, instead.

I am looking within Spirit, and I am New-defining Spiritual as looking within, and seeing through the non-gender Christ Light single eye vision of looking within Unity, from the inside out now too. One guru self-disclosed that she sees us, as many blue hues, as if she was seeing the Blue Pearl deep inside of us, and not so much divisive-focus, if any at all on our bodies, and I hear inside, that we have no bodies, really, but we look like Light getting Brighter as if Immortal Love is the Karmic-absence of Mortal-gender Law Body-focus. Imagine responding to elite minion violent acting out with nurturing for the abused among us, instead of Mother/Cop/Judge pretending we need to protect others, instead of feeling our, own lost Mother Earth Oversoul hurting inner child Spirit Consensus?

Leonard Cohen ~ Everybody Knows (Lyrics)

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