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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The 1 within Pine Cone: 1

Suffering or Joy – You Choose! - Sadhguru

I get this; get this 1?

Infinity abides within 1 timeless reverie, when I disappear from getting in the way of Coherent Spirit, replete, timeless, inviolate, and invisible absolute unborn infinite deathlessness enlightening liquefiable Love-energy Flux-flow freeing energy effulgence, so 1 minus I, really is Nirvana free-energy Nothingness Source.

I am 1, without me in the freeing energy way.

I am 1 in the Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing motif, in Aether-neutral zero point Coherence.

The whole Universal multidimensional layered in-between supports, all the freeing energy of 1, without me.

1 is for~every~where freeing energy Coherent Source within the ethereal Spirit of forgiveness.

If I want ‘another’ freeing energy physical-source to compliment the 1 this, very motive of Spiritual Sovereign separation puts clumsy right back in my I-favorite human repertoire, with me in charge again. A new vision is showing me how important it is to invent another me-favored freeing energy machine, just like the 1 without me, but I have an idea that 1 does just fine without me, already, as long as I let go of any more need for the I, that stops the 1 Universal freeing energy, that wants to consume all of us first.

One other I-idea than anyone, only Sourcing from the 1, really does consume all of us, all the Karmic Time, so even though this vision may seem like a good idea at first, not wanting another machine of separation may be the motive-teaching to accept the 1 within the Source of all that is without me, already working just deathless-fine. Holy Spirit Humor depends on me for getting this idea to let go of any more need for another separate Source than the 1, within me, and without the I that consumes all of us, as just another Physical Illusory distraction.

Two cylindrical canisters seem to produce my vision electricity, transformed into my idea of small personal solar panels may be a good 1+1 idea, but my number 1 choice is as ‘is’ as ‘is’ gets, if you get the 1 without the Duality-two, that would consume the 1 within the I of another me/us foolhardy undead idea, as if we need another alternative Love Source besides the 1, within like all the rest of Mortal self-genocidal Duality gambles.

I get it!!!

Ascension from this paradigm into the higher light frequency vibration freeing energy Matrix-free 1 Source of all that is doesn’t weaponize freeing energy any more. Holy Spirit is a huge IS~tease of kind Humor to, already know I trust kindness in the formless humor, that comes in visions, so would that I be 1~kind, I would stick within 1, without the I-weapon, that is all consuming.

What’s inside the within me-idea is enough 1, already, so the freeing energy of absolute unborn infinity is enough, without my pretending another Mortal Love Source will, ever replace Immortality to the ethereal power of Delight Bonding Communion, for real. I am enough freeing energy, already and looking outside myself some more doesn’t seem to cut the deathless mustard origin 1 idea, already at play within the 1 of me-less Love Source of all that is, without another alternative distraction, just like all the RIP Mortal-rest of me/us, without the 1 idea yet, as enough Flux-flow freeing energy within the inside Inner Realm forgiveness fountain of Sweet Beloved Nectar in this very Graceful Languid Rhythm aroma~1 idea, still.

When there were a lot of tourists demanding more from Maine, we used to sell them fancy looking cans of expensive fresh Maine-air, but I remember 1 I story told, also intimates no needy tourist can get there from here, without another distraction bought, and sold I, without the 1, already. Canisters in the vision, turned into solar panels outside, not Love Source inside, and a huge Thank you for Holy Spirit kick the can down the Maine yankee lost-road with a slight humor twist, and a few screwy Cadillac Mountain turns, is more food for freeing energy thought, but still not any better than we, all have inside us already, if we can just canister-vision get over ourselves, and let go into Aether-neutral Ascension-math Main-1, and Maine-1 will, always be deathless 1, without distracting Mortal-me/us with the ‘more’ needless Physical-role consumption-disease.

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