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Monday, March 5, 2018

A Great Cleansing is Upon us

A Great Cleansing is upon us

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

Some may call it the event. It is also described as an energetic wave of light or love consciousness. Also humanity will clearly understand why the cleansing needs to take place before the r/v. During and after the event everything changes- Everything.

Earth and our entire solar system, humanity and all creatures will be cleansed of all evil thoughts, Negative thoughts and will just have powerful feelings of love for self and all others including the animal kingdom.

During and after the event EVERYTHING changes EVERYTHING. The lion will lay down with the lamb.

Anyone holding on to evil thoughts, self interest thoughts regarding control of humanity or bellicose thoughts will not fare well and disappear to have no influence on humanity ever again.

During and after the event EVERTHING changes EVERYTHING. The meek shall inherit the earth.

At this moment of now it matters not whether we are receiving false Intel from some areas or not.

During and after the event EVERYTHING changes EVERYTHING. Lies will not exist.

AT this moment of now it matters not that corporations are holding us to ransom with draconian laws.

During and after the event EVERYTHING changes EVERYTHING. Equal consideration to others will reign.

Check mate is done, all is ready. All possibilities are finalised to ensure that no one is forgotten or missed. Those struggling with the power of the energies will be looked after. It is time now for all to be aware and enjoy the greatest light show ever. Enjoy the love feeling, the spectrums of light changing around you. Stay aware of the energies. Hold the energies which are light. Many people will gain many gifts at this time and will understand to use these gifts for the good of humanity.

During and after the event EVERYTHING changes EVERYTHING.

The new quantum banking system will be safe to begin. A system where equal consideration will be for all. Where a kilo of apples will be traded equally for a kilo of oranges. Where $1 in one Nation will be equal to $1 of exchange with another Nations currency. With this release of new prosperity there will be new ways to create abundance, security and needs for all without raping the earth to do so.Take your focus off the r/v and bring the Event into the now and all your concerns will fall away from you. It’s already well underway.

During and after the event EVERYTHING changes EVERYTHING.

Thank our benevolent galactic cousins who are here to ensure the wave is successful and that nothing will go wrong. While you are meditating to bring the peak of the event wave into the now thank creator/source for fulfilling his promise . Enjoy it, hold the light. Relax and give the energies permission to fill you with light. Use the light for the good of all.

During and after the event EVERYTHING changes EVERYTHING.

Ho Oponopono.

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