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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

David Hogg Completely Busted in the Lies he’s Told

Hogg Busted Completely in Lies He’s Told

MARCH 28, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

This little twerp needs a tuneup. The constitution means nothing to him. He sold out his country—and his friends—for what? And he thinks he’s a celebrity. A saviour. ~ BP

reblogged from Jim Stone’s website URL:

March 27 2018

by Jim Stone

Hogg busted completely

This is from various reports I have read –

Many of you probably remember the video David Hogg released of himself at the shooting, while the shooting was happening, where he was interviewing people during the shooting. CNN aired that. It was actually quite major until alt media picked it apart, and discovered he recorded it at around 9:40 AM, and the shooting happened in the afternoon. So once that was discovered, that became a banned video and no one could keep it on Youtube. But you may have seen it.

So all this time, Hogg has been saying he witnessed the shooting. He was there for the shooting, and OMG so many friends sisters BLAH, and whatever. Well, the Hogg genie finally left the bottle. you see:

On March 24, Hogg screwed up and said he was at home when the shooting was happening and he rode his bike 3 miles to the school to interview people. See this

Question: Would the police let him into a real “crime scene” to start interviewing? What about the video where he was “there” when it was going on? This boy done screwed up his lines. He’s not fit for the job!!! And ABC did a transcript of this exact video, and the transcript does not have the same words! COVERUP!

Since we’re on the topic of bad actor David Hogg…

The video recommended by Jim, below, is the first I’ve seen of this “I, Pet Goat” material, although I’ve heard of it many times. It’s certainly loaded with symbolism and occult meaning. You almost need a magnifying glass to catch all the details and it might be more fun than breadcrumbs.

Love the ticker tape stock market update running through the eyes speaking of a crash. ~ BP

March 26 2018

by Jim Stone

David Hogg is in I, Pet Goat II

He was born from an egg an evil television serpent had, and lives with this evil television snake attached to his head, which is empty and brainless, other than the snake which has the last part of it’s tail coiled inside of it. He appears several times. Very interesting. It is all symbolism and says a lot if you can figure out what a “lot” actually means. See this (7 minute video)

FYI (and mine) Background on I, Pet Goat from Heliofant Studios, Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal, Canada… (are they precogs?)

I, Pet Goat II

I, Pet Goat II is a 2012 Canadian animated short film written, directed, produced and edited by Louis Lefebvre. The film features a commentary on American society and politics, particularly the agendas of presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, with allusions to Biblical theology and Egyptian imagery in a post-apocalyptic setting.More at Wikipedia

I see a number of videos on YouTube deciphering I, Pet Goat material if you want to get into it. ~ BP

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