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Friday, March 23, 2018

Did Stephen Hawking Send a Warning to Humanity?

Did Stephen Hawking Send a Warning to Humanity Prior to His Death? [videos]

MARCH 23, 2018


You may have seen the video about the very odd anonymous message a young man received on his cell phone on March 14. If not, a video explaining it is the third one below.

Initially I thought the issue was a distraction, but here’s an interesting theory about that bizarre warning. I always felt Hawking was compromised and not able to share what truth he may have known. Many of the most brilliant scientists were coerced to work for the dark. Hawking died mysteriously and suddenly this month, and we’re told they don’t even know for certain when.

The truth truly is “out there”, and usually stranger than fiction, and that’s why we continue to question events.

“Context” is the most important thing to consider when we get information. For many of us, this message may seem like a distraction because we know all about the NWO, the Draco-Reptilian invasion, the clones/synths, the fake alien invasion plan, their agenda to eliminate Humanity, the global war to remove the marauders, etc.

There are far more people who are NOT aware of all this, however, and many videos are made to share information with the general populace to warn them.

Is Stephen Hawking aware that allied forces on planet, beneath the planet and above us are all united to liberate the planet? We don’t know, but this is interesting, regardless.

Did he send this message because he knew his death was imminent? Some have suggested he may have been killed. If so, was this warning the result of a dead man’s switch?

Personally, I believe our Galactic family and Inner Earth allies see all, hear all, know all, and will never again underestimate the dark. It helps to consider all this part of the on-board entertainment on our journey home. We are in a war, however, so we need to remain aware and prepared.

You will, as always, decide for yourself what the truth is. ~ BP

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