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Friday, March 16, 2018

Dr. Steven Greer w/ Carol Rosin: Info Black Hole on UFO's and Counter-Intelligence

The Information Black Hole on UFOs and Counter-Intelligence with Dr. Steven Greer & Carol Rosin; March 15, 2018 [video]

MARCH 16, 2018


Carol Rosin kindly left the link in Starship comments to this March 15th interview so we would have the latest updates on the efforts to cover up the ET/Disclosure situation.

If you are familiar with recent “UFO History” you will know that Carol herself was assistant and confidante to Project Paperclip’s Werner von Braun and has been on the lecture circuit for a long time.

Dr. Greer has also been shining a light on the UFO topic via his lectures, books, movies and live events for decades.

Both these researchers have told us that since the Roswell crash, the military industrial complex has had a plan to hoax Humanity with a “fake alien invasion” and that there is a purposeful effort to prevent us from knowing the reality of space, space travel, otherworldly intelligent life, propulsion, and everything extraterrestrial and space travel-related.

They discuss black ops, covert programs, hoaxes and counter-intelligence disinformation efforts to derail “Disclosure” and control the narrative, effectively putting their own spin on the ET disclosure narrative and keeping us in the dark through fear.

Thank you, Carol, for the link to your show and your efforts to bring the truth to the People of Earth. After 70 years, we are excited about discovering the reality about our Galactic family and the Star Nations and we know FULL DISCLOSURE is on our doorstep. ~ BP

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