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Thursday, March 29, 2018

FIFTY8: The Way Home | Christ -- Part IV of VII



Two thousand years and NO-ONE understands what the demonstration of the cross REALLY means. The cross is not to be worn around your neck.

It is to be worn inside. Hold out your arms, horizontally, look in a mirror and you will see your cross. Your cross is your selfishness, that you must overcome and destroy.

This was the demonstration given by Christ, on the cross, when he controlled the animal that he was temporarily using, which was made by Mary’s body, with God’s help, and then used it, for the benefit of everyone on Earth, by taking upon himself the sins of the whole world.

He controlled it and used it, to the extent, that he “VOLUNTARILY” suffered the agony of the cross, giving up his human-life, to show people the ULTIMATE example - destroying the self, with PERFECT CONTROL, voluntarily, for the benefit of others.

The PERFECT example of UNSELFISHNESS. YOU must learn that degree of CONTROL.

God talks to the soul, and tells it how to be good.

Satan talks to the human-animal-body, that you are using and tries to get it, to make you do what is wrong for your soul (real you). Your soul (you) could easily control the body you are using, if it were not for Satan. However, because Satan is more powerful than you are, you alone cannever beat him.

That is why you need God’s help, 24 hours a day and direct-contact, in order to get it, so that you can do His Will. Once you have God’s help, He controls Satan, leaving you free to control your animal and spiritual selves and things become a lot easier.

It is wonderful beyond words, to stand, or live, in the “Valley of the Shadow of Death” and fear nothing and no-one, knowing that; as long as you believe; He will protect you. Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace; brought about by TRUE faith; amidst the storm. This kind of peace and joy is not temporary and fleeting, like silly human peace and happiness; it is eternal, like your soul and no-one can take it away from you, except you yourself, if you lose your faith.

The Torah, New Testament and Koran are NOT religious Books: they are a guide to going home.

You are bad, or you would not be here, and so is your judgement.

Everyone’s soul came from the Morning Star, thousands of years ago and that is why Christ said, that his body’s mother, and brothers (humans) were NOT his mother and brothers. but that the souls, that hear and believe his words, and keep the COMMANDMENTS and DO God’s Will, are his mother and brothers and sisters (relatives).

This means that the souls who want to be good and live, eventually go home, are his relatives, and that the rest are not. because they want to continue to be evil, and thereby, remain His enemy, and their souls are going to die, on the Last-Day.

This explains why the second COMMANDMENT says, “Love your NEIGHBOR as yourself and not just the people of your own household.” ALL souls are related, because they originally came from heaven, and it is the soul that is important; bodies are only prison-cells, and worthless.

For every single human being, there are five guardian angels for every body satan can attempt to take over and corrupt with lies and greed. One angel on our right and one angel on our left to write down our deeds. Two to protect us from the front and the back and the fifth one that simply whispers into our ear, "do Good, do Good," say this...say that…five angels always watching us.

You are NEVER alone, you just can not see your guardian angels, but they can see you, and they know exactly what you are doing; thinking or saying, every second of your life.

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