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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

FIFTY8: The Way Home -- Part III of VII



To be able to control these evil angels AKA; Jinns/souls = YOU more efficiently; so to be able to discipline and teach you to be good; God decided to create human + animals, that would blend in with the rest of nature. These creatures would be living animals, breathing air and having the same body-functions as the others. They would also have to have the same selfish animal-instincts.

So God created Adam (Man); then created Eve (Woman) from Adam’s rib, making her flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone; and He gave the simple story to Moses in Genesis, and later to Mohammed, in the Koran.

Once the human-animals had been created, God breathed life into them.

Lucifer and his angels (You) were then given a CHOICE, and had to decide, whether or not to submit to human limitations and being reprogrammed to be good, little by little, over many human lifetimes and thousands of Earth years, or to sit and wait for “The Fire” to destroy you.

All the evil angels/Jinns (YOU), except Lucifer (ILBIS) himself, CHOSE to submit to being locked inside of Adams and Eves, making human+beings.

The reason that Lucifer/SATAN, is so powerful is because he refused to submit to human limitations and be locked inside of a human-animal to learn to be good. So he KEPT his memory and super-human powers.

He refused, because of his incredible arrogance, which was what caused him to be banished from heaven, along with you, in the first-place, Satan (Iblis) asked God to reprieve him, until the Last-Day, and The Lord granted his wish, so that He could “use” Satan, to tempt the human+beings (YOU).

If you follow him, he will reward you with the only thing that he has to offer - i.e. worldly material treasures, that you can not keep, and animal pleasures of the flesh. If you do follow him, it will be into “The Fire” - execution.

If you strive to be good, Satan will attack you, from every direction, to try to pull you back into his control, because, when you do good in the world, you become a threat to him.

THAT is when you NEED 100% faith, and with that faith, GOD/SOURCE'S protection from evil.

Human+beings, as you know them, are a combination of four things, and they are:-

A human-animal (the body that you are temporarily using) with its own separate life - human and MORTAL

A soul (the REAL you) which is spirit/energy - Venusian and IMMORTAL

The Holy-Spirit - i.e. the two telepathic voices that every normal human+being has in his/her head

The Devil - the two telepathic voices that every normal human+being has in his/her head

The Holy-Spirit, or g(o)od voice, is planted inside the human animal-body, with, and connected to the soul. It is the soul’s telepathic connection with God.

The other voice, that everyone has in their head, and knows perfectly well is evil, is obviously the Devil’s voice.

GOD will help you with everything you do, if you ask Him to, but He will not help you to do anything that is wrong for you, or anyone else. So, if you don’t get an answer, you are asking the wrong things, and/or in the wrong way, or you are not yet ready for the answer.

If and when you start to do His Will, He will also provide for you materially, but only if you BELIEVE He will and then only what you need, to be able to do His Will and probably not what you want, which would be wrong for you.

If you have more than you need, someone else (Satan) is paying you. Learn to want only what you need to be able to do His Will. God will only give you what you need, and no more, so that He can keep you on a short leash and under control, to enable Him to guide you, more efficiently.

So a human-animal-body is ONLY a prison-cell for the soul, within a prison (Earth), millions of miles from home - a maximum security, but open-prison, from which NO-ONE has EVER escaped, and from which no-one ever will.

That is why mankind, even if allowed, would never find “human” life anywhere, except on this planet.

There is life throughout the Universe, but not human-life, because the human body is not needed anywhere else, except on this prison-planet, to serve the sole purpose for which it was designed and created.

God created the human+being (human-animal-body+soul) so that He can DISCIPLinE the soul (Being), and punish it, if/when it does wrong.

A soul, in its free state, is energy and therefore invisible (to the human-eye). It does not feel heat; cold; hunger; thirst or PAIN (in any and all of its various forms), and therefore can not be punished and DISCIPLINED, only destroyed. Unlike humans, it has no needs.

The reason, or logic, behind God designing human+beings, is that the soul has to overcome and control the animal, then use it to give love (spiritual and pure) and affection (human), and to always do for the benefit of everyone.

You have to overcome both the animal and spiritual SELFishness, thereby making it twice as difficult to achieve and so, consequently, making the end result twice as effective.


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