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Friday, March 30, 2018

FIFTY8: The Way Home | Satan -- Part V of VII



The first test and regression to following Satan…

Once the prison and the human-animals, had been designed and created and the souls locked inside, God started the teaching and testing process.

The first and very simple test, was in the Garden of Eden, when the devil tempted Eve (woman), with the apple. The devil told Eve, that, if she ate the apple, she would become like God (another lie).

Being closer to the devil, than Adam (man); on a spiritual level and having less will-power (the will is the eye of the soul) and therefore more easily used by the devil; she gave-in to temptation, disobeyed God and ate the apple.

Satan tempted Eve first; instead of tempting Adam; because he knew that she would be more likely to give-in, than Adam. Eve, having failed her own test, was not content with that, she had to get Adam into trouble, too.

The will is the eye of the soul, because the more will-power a soul has, to resist temptation, the nearer it is, to going home. The Lord measures a soul, by its power to resist temptation from Satan, and by the good it does for others.

In their confusion, they would never find their way home and would die.

Eve fully believed Satan’s lie that she was ONLY human and swallowed the apple, but it stuck in Adam’s throat, as he did not fully believe it.

That’s why men have an Adam’s Apple, and women do not.

So the war, that Lucifer started in heaven, with his slanderous lies, has continued, in a war between good (God) and evil (devil), here on Earth, ever since, killing billions of human bodies.

By believing the liar/devil, instead of God, Adam (man) and Eve (woman) were calling God a liar/devil and the liar/devil God.

Thus began the confusion and chaos, in people’s minds, that has continued ever since - the conflict and not knowing what is good/truth, and what is evil/lies (only that they both exist) and the ongoing insanity.

Through those very people, who are in human governments and religious-organizations. This planet is being run on Satan’s logic, which is actually illogic, because he is insane.

If this world’s logic was logical, then the world would be getting bigger, but we can all see that it is rapidly getting worse. However, man’s stupid arrogance will not allow him to admit, that his methods and logic do not work, and turn around, and go back to God’s real sane logic.

You know that, if you don’t keep the commandments, and do God’s will, and learn to be good, then you are going to be executed. If you didn’t know, then you know now.

You now have a perfect opportunity to start again, having learned, hopefully, from all the mistakes of the last few thousand years.

If each and every one of you did what God tells you and stood-up for what is right, then there would be no wrong and within a matter of days, the world would be a good place to live.


the best,

- billy

Fashion Photographer/FIlm Director


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