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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Holy Cow within Pine Cone: Duatal Motality

Space and Time into a single Continuum

Double indemnity is, always looking for a place to happen in the mirror of ‘twice as bad as any body can imagine’ because for every woman that is dying here, there is a man dying there, but not the ‘here and there’ that lifetimes-think. There are two Mortals for every one in the Illusion of Time and, even though we can’t see through to the other side of this Puppet see/saw, Duatal mirror-double Motality has nothing to do with Life, Light, or Love, but the ordination of Karmic rules pulling at our undead heart strings.

The cowboy throws his lasso over the wall of doom, and as the cowgirl pretends she’s caught, she has to struggle for her ruse to make believe she wasn’t the one who really roped her steer. Cows breath when Bulls breath, boys breath when girls breath, so when we count each side of the wall of Karma, both lungs breath no matter who appears to have ‘em’, and who appears not. That’s the way is goes with plumbing from the other side pumping air in death burps, and hiding water in this mirror double desert clinging to codependent Dearth.

Th Cowgirl feels lonely without her other side to punish, and the cowboy is never happy on his firing range either, so they constantly co-create themselves in reverse-desperation, but never consider letting go of their monkey-rope slide-dance to doom. Double indemnity appears when one side dies, and the other side swears to it, but the realer codependent drama happens when one cowpoke isn’t married to his own side’s hole in the ground. Mirror double Karmic twins couple up with double-mirror hangings, so when double indemnity pays twice, collecting four premiums ain’t a bad deal for Duatal Motality double Insurance robbery inc.

If you think couples are just kidding around all the time you may be half right, yet that’s what Cowgirls and Cowboys do is half-life Bull-quadruple the Time-travel to collective infinite rope-hanging consciousness, without anywhere else to Karmic slippery~slide double~~codependency, that already insures twice-life happening. Immortal Love isn’t what’s sliding up and down the hangings, forgiveness of Cows, and Bulls is what cuts the tie that binds, just in Time for 2 double 2 the same to fly souls free as 4 birds as far away from death migration as any cow pulls on a bull, and right back at ya in Duatal Motality, the ‘other infinity’ to match freedom to Spiritual Sovereign infinity.

How can we own our own mind if, even our brains are the same hanging on the, other side of the Karmic-wall with different plumbing? Who is the real cow, and who is the real bull, or is all gender just more Bull than any girl can slippery~~side lie and handle? For every household there must be another side to manage at the same time, yet Time is an illusion, so when divorce happens on one side double-divorce kills lots more kids than we Karmic deadheads ever realize. I hope Ascension to higher light frequency vibration clears the desert dust away from our undead campfire eyes, and that we get to watch cowboy movies in Heaven to remind us Cowgirls, never stop being on divorce prowl.

How can anyone own their own mind if for, every woman on one side, another male-mind on the other side, never stops sending gender-double Karmic messages? I mean, and I do mean a mean-spirited double-mind mean, who can become ‘kind’ if every kind of unkind Karmic-twist is, so fulla naughty rope? Where is the sanity in Duatal Motality then, and who can, ever become sane if no one, ever wrote about how Mother Earth doubles up Cowgirls somewhere else in the Mirror Illusion of Time, without travel, and Cowboy right-back Karmic-hanging switchback rope undead at ya?

None of this would work Karmic-well if it appeared we were, already dead dead Cow Bull, so we have to look a little lively, to keep up appearances, as if that isn’t enough, already to wear out any Cowpoke. These fictitious caricatures are not meant to refer to either gender, so if you got lost in the western crawl it’s not insured double indemnity, and you are the accident looking for a place to Smothering Earth happen on the other Poison-side of Karmic-prison half/calf-corral. See what magic misspelling a couple lyrics can do, but Duality has many spells, and participating gender illusion is the rope-hanging particle ‘dust to dust’ participle. “Boot stomping Yee hawww…eat meat death-meet mirror-doubles!!!” Happy trails to you until we meet again, and Oh ya, we do, and we will, because we, think it’s what’s really Family War-happening…

Happy Trails

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