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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Holy Portal within Pine Cone: Earth is the Oldest Profession

Buddhist Monks With Superhuman Abilities in The Himalayan Mountains

A few sparkling cells woke up in my bed this morning in a sort of, barely visible pile of Light-packets, as if I was disappearing from any more need for sulphur smoke, and evil mirrors, from expressing “I don’t trust” yesterday. What I am graciously unlearning seems to know no bounds, so who do I trust, what do I trust, when do I trust, where do I trust, and why would I trust back here outside the Pineal Portal, still trillions of Lightyears travel, just inside Prostitution-skin.

My smoke, and mirror Skin are so far outside the Sovereign Pineal Portal, and measure far, and away from all the Aether-neutral in-between, yet Skin has nothing to do with Love, and everything to do with my, own devotion to the Illusion of Fear. Skin-walker, Skin-talker, Skin-knocker, Skin-blocker, and Skin-‘who what, when, where, and why’ “Get thee behind me Earth Satan Illusion” as everything I used to believe about my oldest profession is, was, and will be in the way between Mortal Earth Skin, and the infinite journey to the center of Prostitution Earth-fail.

If I trust one Skin-physical thing in devotion to Earth-evil, all it means is that I have more to unlearn, so whoever, whatever, whenever, wherever, and why-job-why would become the drown-me-bear in the river of Aether-neutral life that won’t let go of Ethereal-me Aether-either. Just a few sparkles piled up in bed seems all that’s left of my Prostitution Earth Skin Institution commitment, so I guess I won’t show up at my own Skin-funeral now, because awakening into Aether-neutral absolute unborn infinity precludes Skin-death so far, and away Orion’s Nebula now seems closer.

What a tease Holy Spirit Humor is with me, to wake me up so deep inside, there is no Whore Earthly word to describe the Peace of Love lyric that sings the music-of-me from so far down deep inside this in-between Wonder of Vast-beauty in for~every~where, so bodiless there is no more Skin-walker, talker, knocker, blocker, smoke, and mirror bear hugs to unlearn me. Karmic prostitution is the oldest Skin-profession confession, and after a while, even timeless reverie welcomes the journey to the center of all prostitutes, that forgive the Mortal Skin-illusion, in favor of Aether-neutral Love and Joy, that are present everywhere, yet can’t come visit until we Earth whores aren’t Used-here, Mob-there, and Skinned-everywhere.

One might imagine renouncing Time-prostitution means I would become totally Earth-disenfranchised, but the Love-opposite is true for me now in that, even this inspirational expression comes from Aether-neutral, already flowing from above, down, and throughout, as faint sounds and lonely echoes without any more Mortal-spite bar spittoon left of me-less Love-sparkle inspiration-motives disappearing in welcome-hints. Skin is not the, real boundary in-between the Physical letting go, and Spiritual Cosmic Sovereignty; nano the nano of all prostitution nanos comes from entering the astrological portal, and becoming astronomical Orion-magical Nebula-mystical Love-miracle oldest-disappearing Infinite Brilliance.

The journey to the center of Prostitution Earth leaves Skin way behind, and sparkles as the Universal metaphor for all inner unlearning who, what, when, where, and why-angry journeys to the Spiritual Sovereignty vast space, that is, oh so beautiful, and so is every old Earth-prostitute here now, already? I’ve, already been there, and back again in many Whore-fits and Skin-starts, and stops, but I am unlearning so much, that all there seems left of me is a few sparkles piled up in Heaven, bed-less, that is worth a lot more than, all the heavy Gold, and busy shining imbedded in the oldest Earth Skin-devoted Satanic-made up Time-profession.

I don’t even want to ‘try’ Love Listening myself this one yet, and I challenge any other whore here to Love Listen this song of innocence, without wanting to kill the messenger and, make me watch the mob rape all its kids, and family, Earth-first Satan. I am, even more grateful for waking up bed-less and Skin-less, than any other exponential whore lifetimes-number, yet all along I just knew there had to be something better, than who, what, when, where and why any body would smoke and mirror, still want to wait and see? I am getting a new idea of the Good, that I am gratitude, its Aether-neutral True Self, and a lot less Sulphur-smoke insane than we, oldest bitter illusions making fun of Earth-insanity in a mirror for the Spiritual Prostitution-cause.

ORION NEBULA w/Come In Welcome 030512

All creation resists its own corrupt foundation, fear and guilt of separation, so the mafia renegade hiding in the disappearing basement of gravity clings to rage policing darkness for the sake of Mothers and their creation, children. Holy Spirit wings surround our floating center energetic Light with a multidimensional sphere of all inclusive Universal Love in a responsive flow of renewing ideas within absolutely no resistance. Father time corrodes the very foundation that resists permanence, itself, as Mother energy corrupts all creation with its own fear and guilt of separation.

Time provides the veil of fear and guilt as all Karmic-creation resists our linear foundation, until we cling to the rusty plumbing waiting to fall into dusty gravity pits. Children carry, all the tools they need to make creation disappear; tiny golden nuggets and God’s eye like one sharp knife to slit the Karmic-veil of all creation, to float more like bubbles until, even they learn to resist our corruption. Reminders, they, innocence, so brave that not one foul smell corrupts their connection to Holy Spirit winged Sphere.

As I am healing tremendous fear and guilt of separation gender traumas, Holy Spirit provides the words from wings, that dream of my clinging down under creation’s foundation. As all of it crumbles and corrodes everything around so, only I am left after forgiving all mirror police takes everything else away forever; Praying hands become Spirit wings calling my energy responsive in every Clarion-possible direction. Graceful and Languid, powerful and forever-new Joy, becomes Spirit’s rhythm, even less visible than enlightening Golden HoloGlow feathers.

Gender resists its own corrupt foundation, fear and guilt of separation, so the mafia Father hiding in the disappearing basement of gravity clings to rage policing darkness for the sake of Mothers and their creation, children. Holy Spirit wings surround our floating center energetic Light with a multidimensional sphere of all-inclusive Universal Love in a responsive flow of renewing ideas within absolutely no resistance. Mother space corrodes the very foundation that resists permanence, itself, as Father time corrupts all creation with its, own fear and guilt of separation.

Merely gender compliments; maybe, and perhaps for some, but from the center of zero point energy, itself, not even one idea of permanence corrupts either gender with its own corrupted resistance. Even wings disappear on their own ethereal feathers so only Light enters within the center of all-inclusive Love Center energy. Christ called the center of all possible creation the stone, but unlike a 3rd Dimensional form, really all inclusive formless non-resistance. Coalescing effulgence is not a foundation as much as just ‘no creation’ without any corrupted ideas resisting, just energy floating, more like a bubble being carried surrounded by our Sovereign Holy Spirit winged sphere.

We wake the guilt right out of married sex to blame each other for what no others have or get, and raise children just like us to glow in cities made of dust. We dig big holes to prove the solid sound of iron bang, and fill our hearts with big ideas of free love within tar circles of liar’s lust. We conjugate the verbs; invest the nouns of all the World; play night and day awake asleep; pretend the power never goes away. We manifold the infinite variations with as many rules and complications; walk the path of crippled feet until the time of time ends dear. What we carry on our backs are monkey minds and swinging fear from loopdeeloo and lonely hearts like all alone within big cities.

To experience ONENESS, Joy, and Harmony within our Whole Universe from planet Earth, we need to let go creating bodies pretending we didn’t make believe from separate cells. There is a host of Holy within our Worldly multiplicity that heals and nurtures us, as we welcome the Spirit of ONENESS, Love, Forgiveness, and quiet the ego within prayer and meditation. Inner Worldly multiplicity parallel outer reflections of our division playing dramas in our organs like the planets of our own mysteries. Imagine absolute unborn infinity from deeper in our subconscious of all-inclusive to mediate like Holy Spirit nurtures the dustiest of us; welcome all within our one heart of stillness, and free the Universe of space within one body of eternal rest.

When I contemplate these rhyming lyrics from Holy Spirit, I can trust, as I go along that more will be revealed for me to let go of my fear and guilt from gender separation, and already I identify with living like a mafia-child, that took an offer I couldn’t refuse. I fought like Hell to survive in my family and, then again to survive in our Collective violence, so I understand being corrupted with resistance to my own creation, all right. Spirit wings are lilting me out of the disappearing foundation, that women seem to have buried me in, and invisible wings with no gender are not resisting anything in me, that can stand the continual flow of renewing innocence, all inclusive, not resisting even gravity, more like floating.

Come in Welcome

No cities like this ever visit

Nor cold and drafty castles lofty

Where vermin endure after tenants

Enter this sort of tavern

Wise faces smile as Masters

Drink only exotic liquids that add substance to our soul

Wisdom sparkles in all the humor and warm favor in the most wordless

Live crystals humming in colors

Take a corner booth all cushy and allow this new space to hug us

Simultaneous fun at all levels comforts our soul and mind

Wonderment in guiltless faces appears inside this miracle city of Love Masters

Laughing at tales of letting go

Red cheeks and twinkling eyes with serenity

Tell real stories of Love’s demeanor


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