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Friday, March 16, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Kind

David Icke - Chemtrails, Nanoparticles and the Gender Agenda

I, accidentally bump into Aether Neutral as a way to define Spiritual Coherent Sovereignty, as a condition of an impossible Human, without, even one tiny agenda, and along with this enlightening condition “Making Copies” as a term to define how any semblance of agendas co-creates more unkind Creation Quanta suffering. 13 years writing from Holy Spirit devotion to forgive others, as myself didn’t seem to be able to fit Kindness in anywhere in this Hate Matrix unkind suffering death-paradigm.


I offer this stranger kind of idea on Mother Earth, as a way to set forth the plain-as-your-face truth about the total absence of Kindness anywhere in this Hate Matrix Prison mentality illness competing for bare scraps, and all poison at that: Poison seed/food fills the Monsanto-complicit grocery store, fluoride turns the Pineal Portal to stone, poison water is all that’s left on Poison Planet, Poison air defines chemical weaponry breathing in, and breathing out every human breath, and what nobody considers is, that every poisoned human constantly co-creates more mirror-double poison humans, so poison humans, themselves may be the least “Kind” condition of all?


Therapists learn that the dysfunctional family, always has one member living in a bubble of denial glamor, that probably needs more help, than the rough and tumble ones who don’t give a damn whether they hurt each other, or not. And the same bubble of denial Glamor, actually defines the female human role, that has become a scourge of Mother Earth, projecting their victim-howl to the heavens with as much Man-hate it takes to perpetuate what co-creating unkind Quanta is, all about unkind bubble of denial Glamor-agendas. Women own children, and use them against men as Blackmailing-victim weapons, but it’s the poison children that, really get to shine ‘unkind’, without one “Kind” clue about Spiritual Coherent Sovereign Safety.


@Aether Neutral without any more human agendas, co-creating stops mirror-doubling unkind Quanta, and has to disappear to accomplish this enlightening condition, just like the Galactic higher Light frequency vibration cloak Kind of Kind, that no one on Mother Earth, even knows about. Kind isn’t a condition on Mother Earth at all, and if it were it would not be Kind long, because like in dysfunctional families the narcissist in a Bubble of denial Glamor is the one closest to, really unkind malignancy. Kind is a meaningless word we humans use to define our Chamber of Commerce lying fantasy, like the worst ones do in a Bubble of denial Glamor, yet this one fits the best description of all the judgmental motives behind our horrifying Hate Matrix.


Since some calculate 100,000,000 authentic humans live among over 7 billion horrible unkind predators, who are as Space Poison-visitors as, all the rest of our food, water, air, and we, unkind human our Bubble-glamor denial-selves, so who isn’t unkind on Unkind Planet from Hate Matrix Hell in death Paradigm getting sicker? The clearer I get to surrender to Ascension wake up, the clearer I can see how crummy it, really is here, and without my Holy Spirit connection from inside, I don’t, even know how else others put up with so much horror, except to use the ole female drama method, and take Power-over men, and kids as if their ravenous bubble never Pops this one regretful unkind lifetime.


Women suffer more poverty, and abuse than, even unkind children, and it makes sense to me that they are just the opposite of what they seem, living as if in a Bubble, while the rest of us take the hit for them, at least as much as we Hostages can stand. We can’t call men “Kind”, and women ‘unkind’, because it’s the female Hate-agenda that co-creates the women’s codependent nemeses in unkind children, and unkind men, and men vise versa. Who doesn’t Poison-stink on Earth then, with a sinking planet rotting, so full of mean-spirited deathly Poisons, and all the continual Family Wars co-creating the international Bubble of denial Blow ups, just because unkind Earth promotes omniscient competition as if War, and murder is, just good unkind business.


Now I understand how hard it has been to try and put forth the word “Kind” because no matter how long it takes to write 48 Spiritual books, it was impossible to publish with Bubble women in, total control over MSM minion man-hate payback. The real purpose “Kind” never seemed to fit anywhere is that there is no Kind Aether Neutral here, and if there were anyone without a Poison Hate-agenda, Goliath would make a hero out of them, as if that’s never gonna happen here, so forget it! Imagine the full motive of Police working directly for the elite, along with soldier human sacrifices, so without realizing it this much Quantum physics is enough to spread more co-created criminals/enemies from here to ‘never secure’ Kingdumb Queencome and crazy mirror-double ass back again. “Imagine bringing children in Hate Matrix Poison here, bubbles?”


I don’t think so…


This is, very difficult for me to imagine it’s Ok to reveal my, own denial before Today, but somehow I know shining a little more light on things the way they, really are will help me stop remaining in a Stockholm Syndrome sick loyalty to A-holiness, while I keep blaming myself for everything narcissists, just can’t seem to stop co-creating in my weak sex-abuse trick-knee self-blaming mind.

This is the second article in the New book “Aether Neutral” and it waked me up at 3:00 in the morning with, just a touch of indigestion to add to my needful clarity. I haven’t been able to, even hope Ascension will happen, but now I know I need, all the help, and Kindness we can get from the Galactics, and the many other hidden Kind Sentient Light Beings, that Holy Spirit nurturing forgiveness , already provides.

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