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Friday, March 23, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: When Death Begins

Healing Childhood Abuse through Psychodrama Video

Fan-base Gender seems to be a Mortal-sickness from Karmic-dissonant awareness, as if a divisive-gender half-life in habitual role-reversals, until switching allegiance from Collective creation Consciousness degeneration, by turning within to become meek to Holy Spiritual Sovereign intimacy within Delight Bonding Communion. Karmic habits are like, all suffering addiction motives from fear, and traumas increasing fight, flight, submit motives until Holy Spirit nurturing devotion helps anyone discipline with experiences of forgiveness miracles working through, and for absolute unborn flux-flow freeing energetic infinity existence.

I can pretend to be a man either way; I can pretend to be a man without switching my allegiance from sick-gender Karmic-suffering in Mortal-addiction, or I can pretend to be a man in allegiance to ONENESS Spirit Conscience, as I give others the, very Spiritual Sovereignty I receive when I continually give others, theirs. True Forgiveness within Holy Spirit experiences isn’t so that I may reconcile(settle) with my suffering mirrors, but is to reveal that, both creation-form mirrors are, merely temporary Karmic lifetime illusions to help me Atone as much as I can let go of fear, and control over my, very personal suffering fan-base half-life mirrors.

One way, as a woman, or a man without devotion to True Forgiveness, and ever increasing meditation, I mix it up with others, as if we are all real, yet the forgiving meditation-way is to stop pretending any feelings arising are in control over me, enough to remain addicted to stagnant fear in the mirror of my own unforgiven cooked-up frozen outer attitude. Lately when I look outside, with a motive to move to a different home, gradually my motive to look outside increases anxiety, and old feelings triggered by, all the many psychopathic traumas, still out there driving us all into a Usury-frenzied Crazy-pathology.

A newborn comes with enough Light to, actually have a sort of Guru effect on others near, and even though we come here to begin to Light-die at our birth for others around us, it takes a few traumas to dim the Light of the young, but that’s what we come here to do when the newborn begins their death, yet we have no idea how badly we switch helpless babies from innate Inner Joy, back to the Dark, that disciplined Gurus can, even turn from darkness back into Light again.

I just let go of any more need for others in my addictive family, and addictive circle of friends, just as I am getting older, and rethink I need, more help from the outside suffering aches, and helpless pains. I imagine a modest home with a garage in a pleasant environment, so I can experience natural surroundings after, forgiveness prayers of gratitude, meditation, and writing, to replace Karmic half-life sick-gender suffering habits, with Peace of Love in the Inner Joy, within a cooperating Spiritual Grace, that is so much more real, than any lifetime I have, ever experienced within me so far.

I realize that becoming aware of the psychopaths, that are trying to commit genocide on all our sorry assess, is triggering my old childhood annihilation traumas, as if they are happening all over again. Waking up to the suffering horror of Earth psychos, combined with letting go of the last of sick-gender family, and sick-dying addictive friends, seems to come from both childhood, and the present situation merging to knock me on my double-suffering ass again at the same time.

The most difficult thing seems to appear as we, all know event-here, that soon, very soon, this whole addictive traumatized paradigm is going to free us all up from fear, poverty, and guilt of separation, so we can, all achieve what it has taken so much seclusion for me to become enlightened all by myself before now. I have fallen 3 times lately, and this last time bumped my forehead where I sense my Pineal Portal abides within all my new freedom, so what’s this message, except to remain focused within, right now and allow this, as an intuition, that the many new Light exchanges will provide a new home that I can’t, even imagine yet from my old survival-motives in this suffering separate-undead traumatizing death-paradigm?

Maybe another death is beginning again, but not the dead dead death without the old taxi into a new taxi, but the Kind of Ascension death of the old ways, into the new ways in the same young body, that seems as ancient as, all youth in stillness devotion to the newborn Joy, before others addicted to drama-traumas robbed our newborn Spiritual Sovereignty? Do I sound like I want to control from fear, or do I sound open, and willing to want to Light~change with the Love~flow, and isn’t this how “I don’t know” welcomes the meek to Spirit would sound surprised, not like old sick-gender dying habits we, always ‘been there done that’ did-it-this-way sounds?

So, who is really in charge here anyway in this dream of dreams for the sake of suffering my grateful enlightening Karmic-mirrors, as they habitually disappear, as fast is, as much out of control, as I turn within, instead? I don’t need others to prove Immortal Love is real, and I don’t need to control others to get what I want either, so without any control from fear, I write what’s going on inside with no, other motive, except to focus within my own Spiritual Sovereignty, as my way to ‘give’ what I now am receiving from within, where all this was, all these many sick-gender half-life Karmic-suffering lifetime-mirror baggage-habits went up these same parent/child-apparent trade-off burro beast of burden death/beginning Karmic role-reversal gum-stumps.

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