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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Aether Neutral (New Book #48)

Alan Watts ~ There's NO Past or Future

Would that we be kind without any agenda distracting us from looking outside Pineal safety, the vast beauty of the Whole Universe expands within a Graceful Languid Rhythm enfolding, and embellishing Effulgence in the absence of intention-focus, we can call Aether Neutral Inner Peace of Immortal Love, Mercy within acceptance. Let’s say a form appears as if this form is a replica of a woman from outside, while we realize she is inside, deeper inside than than any outside form is able to interconnect within?

‘Woman’ inside expands exponentially freeing up all motives to remain form, and swirls surround in Universal-surrender to Aether Neutral Peace of Love energy freeing effulgence? Other noun illusions begin to coalesce, cellularly deeper within, in an unrecognizable Joy in cooperating Harmony, where no cell from anywhere in time holds itself together in a focusing agenda from fear of separation soul-rape. A spiritual calculus comes along as a Liquid enlightening Crystalline resilience replaces any agenda of form, into this Graceful Languid Rhythmic balance, we can call Universal Aether Neutral.

‘Woman’ is no longer an outside metaphoric intention, but was deeper inside, already from other many lifetimes waiting for welcome invitation to disappear into Holy Spirit benevolence, and Universal magnanimity. Since there are, only two main cellular divisive agendas outside in the Illusion of Time, it’s so easy now to welcome ‘man’ inside expanding exponentially freeing up all motives to remain form. Swirling surround in Universal surrender to Aether Neutral welcomes a sort of interstice stasis, always present, now within a Universe of Cooperating Harmony, that ‘itself’ disappears with an ease not known to outside-gender realization before.

Neutral is Aether, as much as Aether is Neutral now as, neither gender is able to stop mixing in with every other possible agenda surrounding Universal freedom into One intention not to remain separate from any other possible idea-distraction, so acceptance acts like a Motive-free infinity with no other intention, except to experience Nothing-Communion altogether, as if this can, ever become unimaginable again now. There wasn’t, even a ‘woman’, or a ‘man’ outside in the first place, because outside is always the second’s place Holographic nuance from deeper inside than control freaks outside, ever want to experience from fear of disappearing within the whole Universal Aether Neutral, constantly calling on agenda-form to let go into Delight Bonding Communion healing Kind prescience~~pleasance.

Now we can enjoy the many nuances from inside realizations, like there never was, is or, will be a ‘woman’, or a ‘man’ other than the images Karma uses to help us experience the many agendas, that caused our Aether Neutral breakdown into this second’s place in the first place. Then we can realize many appearances weren’t, even ours to experience, but called to us from “Nothing” to appear for the sake of other’s breakdowns, when we were drawn via similar energetic vibrations near enough, and surrounding enough, to want to appear in the mirror-double accomplice of the same distraction energetic agendas.

Aether Neutral isn’t there, and isn’t here, but remains undisturbed altogether, so even though it appears that ‘neutral’ went into gear, we never move, any more than Love, ever moves; it’s all just an Illusion out there/here, until Aether Neutral accepts us back where we, never left yet, and never can, or will second place personify, really. How can Holy Spirit reveal Aether Neutral for us, and what else, but a dire need for us, all to release each other from enough unforgiven agendas to forget about us, as if Holy Spirit, even had become separate(now isn’t that the funniest thing Pine Cone ever imagined so far yet)

I bet, some thought I was using Holy Spirit to shore up my disgrace, as if I had some special relationship with the, so called Divine HS BS, but no no no, all this time it was a muse, not a self-inflicted ruse. Haven’t you noticed my language, and humor so many times, right when you needed to imagine your ‘woman’, or your ‘man’ thing separate from a crazy Pine Cone person sting; poor thing? Aether Neutral isn’t mine, any more than Aether Neutral can be anyone else’s, in fact “Nothing” escapes Aether Neutral; it’s just our fertile imagination we, really can ever know our agenda-shit in awareness outside, because there, really can, never be any such thingeedood-doodette. Attitude can only pretend to exist outside, because there is no such thing as an inner attitude, either except for another separate one with an illusory agenda.

So, a woman walks in with a man, and orders an Aether Neutral, and what happens next is something, so extraordinary when neither remains either, and where, even space becomes a thing of the empty past illusions too. We should have known ‘womandom’ has, everything to do within ‘mandom’, and Karmic-vice versa(mostly vice), but we, only pretend we ever left Aether Neutral, and so did Ascension Pine Cone, up until Today. Holy Spirit provides a platform for me(who) to express everything I(who), ever needed to say, and once this is, all over soon, no one(I) will, ever remember agendas, and neither will I(who), from a Healthy-healing Aether Neutral’s Nothing~perspective.

Aether Neutral is just another Platform for anyone to say some shit they(we), still think matters…, and especially if our mouth is full of it.

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