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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: An Original Idea

Alan Watts ~ Embrace All Your Feelings

If we are the fear Monsters we are, all afraid of, and we project our separation fear Monsters out onto our mirror-double Puppet-patsies, then who among us are looking within for Delight Bonding Communion, instead for our Love~existence, the opposite direction we, Authoritarian Centralization Stockholm Syndrome Monster-projectors look to for, our Dark-mistaken Love-source Ascension Light exchanges?

Imagine how we, fake Monster polished Hate-turds turn everything shtf around back ass-ward on ourselves, and we, believe Love-existence defines our personification of Aether, when “Love~existence”, actually defines the ‘absence’ of our arrogant Monster-ego Malignant-narcissistic Hate Perspective. So while we people addicts judge ourselves by our apparent good intentions other poor souls have to deal with our Karmic double-message Parent-behaviors.

I am, as everything as anyone else is everything, so from Love~existence’s Spiritual Sovereign absolute unborn infinite perspective, there is no Monster-puppet Goliath(Collective Monster Consciousness) worth looking to for our Dark-mistaken morphogenetic personification of Aether non-existent Authoritarian Centralization Political chocolate-covered turd speed bumps.

When I turn within and breath the Sweet Beloved Nectar from deep down inside Love~existence, Delight Bonding Communion within Coherent Spirit, replete, timeless, inviolate, indivisible, and invisible changes my Original idea of Love~existence from any impossible mirror-double Mortal-creation Monster-maker, to ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love acceptance.

I begin my forgiveness lesson, still hooked on fear monsters, as myself, and come to a zero point grade(judge-less) to see my Love-existence has nothing to do with Monster-mirrors, but has everything to do with my Bully/Bullied perspective, ‘lack’ of Love~existence. I am as much a Monster Mortal, as anyone else, still addicted to looking outside for nurturing when we, outside Monster-projections, actually define the calculus-absence of Love~existence.

“The bad-women did this, and the good-guys did that”, while there are no bad-guys, and good women inside Love existence. Some follow the money, and most follow the leader Morphogenetic Monster-projections, and at the end of every new day, we, hate-monsters can’t imagine it’s not us that exist, it’s Love~existence inside us, still in charge of Ascension Light-source exchanges.

Hate Matrix Monsters have a Monster infrastructure, that comes with Karmic divisive-gender HATE role-reversal HATE, mirror-double HATE KARMA in the illusion of Time, so talk about getting it all back assward? If we monsters personify anything at all it’s the, very Lack of Love~existence, that also requires us getting over our Monster selves, and surrendering to the disappearance of addiction-mess to our Monster projecting mirror-double people-ness.

I keep checking in once in a while, but I, never discover a Pine Cone Place inside me that wants to become the odd-woman out, Man? Doesn’t anyone else see Pine Cone is on a Love~existence Cosmic-tear in Love with the Universe, within, while every new day looks different and it, never gets boring letting go addiction to anti-existence Authoritarian Centralization Monster-motif?

Here we sit broken hearted, right?

I love expressing myself uncensured here, and I think I love anyone who dares to say their Truth-of-Love authentic-perspective, so even if we, still seem addicted to the outside News, it is double Glorious, that Love-existence put us altogether here to keep mesmerizing the Monster right out of existence herein, and Ascension Love~reigning so Monsoon-soon Grace can Light-wash howl-sob us, all away. We are, not going to be here any more, and that’s a good thing, because we are the problem, that needs Ascending, and we are the Monster mirror-double projection-source of everything we demand from our Authoritarian Centralization Puppet-victims, really. Just ask one?

Addiction to others is mean-spirited, and it makes us look bad too. After all, if we stop pretending we have the Deputy Dawg answers, wouldn’t that be a, total relief to our Sovereign children? Maybe, never playing any Physical-role is a key to our new Ascension-motive to rest a good long while, because I know I’m, as tired out from being everything>fear, as I can be already, yet I can’t feel Hate when I’m so busy chasing my addictive Monster tail in mirror-double migrant circles, who got too Goliath-close the Collective Monster-hate denial Addiction.

“No gender” would be such a huge relief without people, but Nothing at all would seem like ‘everything good’ to me now, and how bout anyone else who keeps getting it all Karma Monster-wrong? I feel the best, the day after I reveal the worst Monster social-norm, so that’s gotta be a clue it’s a good thing to admit, admit, admit, until there’s nothing Monster-dial addictive-left in me to cough up any Ascension denial-more. Evidently the Light, really is in the darkness, that we, Monster-projectors, never get to see in ourselves clearly enough?

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