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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Confident Essentials Intuitive Confluence

George Carlin Talks About "Stuff"

During the many lifetimes transition to Existence Pool of Immortal Love reconciliation’s need to redefine a Mortal gender experience, away from absolute unborn infinity, interconnection within Sentient Light Beings @my level of intuitive essential stream of, all soul’s integration requires less compassion confidence to, even be able to unlearn whatever separation needs to seem, as real as Mortality can seem worthy of, all my focused attention.

What holographic gender needs my focus, and what others do I need to emerge with, and within, combined with how well I can handle the confidence in a particular stream of Consciousness away from ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love Flux-flow freeing energy Source without, merely getting more confused with the many, other choices to have to reconcile again, and again from subtle nuances growing alongside parallel essential dimensions?

What group of intuitive support, and where is my home to be, to work together with others @similar cooperating harmonic levels withstanding as much Joy in mutual integrating lifetimes Physical-role ploys set in Karmic-regulating lifetimes separately with like soul needs, to unlearn Hate-rates together? What levels of sine-curve and width of Love energy bands will best work at, all the many physical levels of sex, money, creativity, children, Low vibration neediness, and even Satanic Earthlings, will enter this Karmic-lifetime energetic flow?

I get the idea that during this one lifetime here within, so many other Sentient Light beings interconnecting, that many Existence, gender, soul groups, and parallel lifetimes are streaming altogether with the Kind confident essentials that, usually require separation to, even become possible hints of intuitive Confluence. So many Wonderful experiences are happening along with others similarly right now, that a critical mass of us are enjoying Ascension altogether so the many needful levels are joining in a Celestial~symphony overtone-chorus working together within even, more strategic mutual levels of similar astonishing Galactic integrating influences.

One gender lifetime at a time enlightens compassion for the other gender lifetimes @ how much needed exclusivity is enough to develop confident essential ID’s to continue Mortal procreation enough, to be able to work in similar role-reversal Karmic-dissonance to prove worthy of the many ways Mortal experiences need to substantiate the inner workings of existence, essentials, and gradual Delight Bonding Communion experiences. All these unmentionables coming together in one Ascension lifetime experience are enough to confuse the best of us, yet there are many here in the same Confluence critical mass boat~afloat right now, so “Hello happy confused Ones withstanding dire intuitive confluence”.

Intuitive choices are being formulated for us, all at the same time, so it can get pretty damned confusing if I must say so, and evidently I must dust it off and shine a little light on this much Delight Bonding Communion essential confident Trust. Boats are becoming ships, and planets are becoming Galactics becoming afloat in so many streams of consciousness, that we are all cooperating within ONENESS Spirit Conscience without lifetime-need to remain separate at all any more, ever again lifetime-gender separately either-neither needy needful, or normal needy Polarized Earthling @separate~Perspective-ville.

Working without a body is replacing working within the body-gender limits required usually, and existence prayers for the essential confident-cause is transforming in so many ways, that in order to keep up with confident levels emerge-unlearning Hate-head switches allegiance from Karmic Mortal needs to existence infinite Immortality, headless-instead. So where will I lay my body down without any more need for only one head undead life at a time, and without medical murder sickness, what need is left to pretend sick-gender? Now if these aren’t enough Love Source of confusion, then consider which Planet needs a Sentient Light Being to perform confident essential-switching the most, and where is our new support group from, if we’re all from different evolving planets River-working in confidence altogether right now?

Many streams are coming together in this Flux-flow freeing energetic celebration, while some meet together for the first time, and others meet up again from rounding Karmic-islands from other lifetime experiences, as if they never energetically left each other in Spirit, really. There is a mighty river flowing within existence, and the Light is so brilliant, that down-turning physical eyes isn’t enough to avoid swimming into new infinite living waters emerging from for~every~where, replete, timeless, inviolate, and invisible Delight Bonding Communion dam-less happening confluence.

Do I live here any more, enough, or at all? What time of day, and what time of year are here, and what is Now, anyway any more?

Add, neither gender anomaly, and voila, non-mother non-****ee victim-othering Duality-utterance in Time’s intolerant-illusion Karmic-dissonant Child-sacrifice Duality-indifferent separate-suffering!

Disappear at the same time from inside any form into formless many times per day back, and forth as if a lifetime each conscious-time and “Huston we have another Texas-tax one act play to converge onto the dumbed down critical-mass hysteria again?” If this is how Nothing feels then who will be in charge of Nothing if each is all, and all is each within Absolute Unborn Infinity’s Confident Essentials Intuitive Confluence, where ONENESS Spirit Conscience replaces any more need for Collective Mob-posse Authoritarian Centralization separate Consciousness sick loyal polished turd-addiction to Bully-illusions any more?

It’s timeless to go within the flow of Flux-changing into Light-bearing this much magnetic Communion-load, so with, or without a body component, Light is now in charge, and enlightening replaces gravity, itself, as confusing as it ever was, is, and will be Nothing ethereal at all, now really! Without a body of gender do we, even need two eyes to, merely pretend we can hear each other’s blind-deafness, and what about going #1, and going #2, if there is no more Duality-choice to improve our proof of divisive gender guilt, and Karmic-fear of separation Folly Lolly’s child sufferer projections?

Here is a platform to perform on this stage-specific Confluence so have at it, and enjoy it while we can, because I have an idea that my new confidence will, even surprise me~awake enough to stop worrying altogether, and let Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing drive this Rainbow electric bus-bar us-on ONENESS Spirit Conscience circuitry from Heaven-majestic deliver-river~~Spiritual Sovereign-livery to now for~every~where absolute unborn infinity. It, just may be One Time to get all our shtf together in a pile, and fly stinky-motif within single-eye-vision sweet beloved nectar Flower~prescience Earth-fertilizer perspective-free?

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