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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Blind Deafening Silence


Here’s a catchy little tune singing about continual True Forgiveness, to discern; look clearly without needing to react and be able to see, and hear from Love’s perspective of enlightening Compassion, so the innocent heart can breathe honestly again?

When a woman pretends to be a woman she, also pretends to have never been a man with as much woe as any woman can woe a man, yet the real Karmic problem with pretending to be the best woman woe a man can stand is coming back to Mother-suffer the same sexual blackmail again, as when whatever a woman thinks she can be, is just another excuse to, never welcome all the Heavenly Delight in-between existence that Karma plans for Love-Communion Atonement to let go of suffering any more karmic-lifetime double-reverse mirror-miming illusions.

Stillness makes gender-mud jumpy, from getting caught with their pants down while Golden-silence from vampiric wanton-censure is what keeps us from looking, while discerning takes the same back seat at the drive-in movies where we, all pretend we are, really too-mud gender-something.

When a physical-role addict reacts with a gender-attitude agenda, all this blind deafening silence can see is the same anti-love that defines a narcissist, without room for the Love of Immortality, in between each lifetime of hating the other gender without forgiveness enlightening compassion that performs the very discernment missing in all Blind deafening gender motives ever so Love-mud censuring.

Let’s pretend either gender wakes up in-between lifetime Hate-motives, and repents their gender performance, like a Love bastard right outta the seven deadly sins? Now admit we are, all a piece of shit, and we fell in it altogether, without any connection left to ONENESS Spirit Conscience? There’s nothing to fix here in the septic tank of undead half-life mortal degeneration, that really needs to disappear to make room for Immortal Love that, already went missing to appear here?

“I am a piece of shit, and I fell in it, and the more I breathe mudd, the less I wanna breathe at all. I pretend my gender is a chocolate covered turd weapon, so when another turd eats me it’s too damned late to get rid of the taste, that, still drives me crazy back up inside leavening Heaven Spirit freedom, and makes me wanna puke out all my self-hate narcissism out onto the other mudd~gender batting the same foul-ball smell.”

Let’s pretend this gender-repeating fart fertilizer-turd surrenders completely to ONENESS Spirit Conscience Flowers, by forgiving it all, enough to make room for the Love that went missing when spite drowned all Love’s chances to remain meek only to Spirit? Now I can imagine seeing everything, so clearly that there is no deafening silence in my Physical-role brain-fart two-party perspective so the Love bird of paradise comes home to roost, as if Spirit, never really Elvis-left the female-gender building machinery?

I can be a can, not a box, or I will be the past, that creates all my Karmic futures, but one Love-thing is for sure; the more I pretend one thing, the less I can forgive, many other things. Let’s pretend there are no gender-turd Blackmail-controllers, and then we wouldn’t have to stick-dipp ourselves in sweet chocolate to hide what we can, only pretend, without Love from Holy Spirit forgiveness intention? Like the mystic says, “ONENESS whose Love and Joy are present everywhere, can’t come to visit until I’m not here”, so the Holy Grail is none other than the empty chalice of the heart reflecting the empty of the meek to Spirit Immortal Love of all Life from here to eternity and back again, with only Delight Bonding Communion as brainless as, only clarity of ONENESS intention can-humble forgiveness-be.

Just imagine this much Spiritual Sovereignty~~Holy Spirituality, within absolute unborn infinity? Gender, just may be the best tool to wear out on a Karmic-bender, but it seems the final lack of Mortal-gender motives is where Discernment Wonder allows, even seeing, and hearing to Spirit-Commune, without any more need to fix Karma, that cannot be fixed with more gender-bigotry Karmic-motives into the Gender Hell we keep denying the rampart-xenophobia that can, only co-create more anger/fear/pain/shame trash-compaction Blind Deafening Silence anxiety-ridden wanton-censuring cell-division shit-for-brains sexual-oblivion Love-lorn Child-sacrifice Satanic-Quanta.

This, very honest self-disclosure reveals the clear innocent power of Child-like Delight-discernment, once anyone, directly experiences Forgiveness miracles flowing n working through and for the gender emptiness, that actually defines Immortal Love as the absence of Mortal-gender motif altogether. Maybe Indwelling inside the Pineal Portal with a continual forgiven attitude is enough ecstasy to, even dare to tell the Love-discerning Truth without any false-motive gender-need to make the, other gender-mirror Karmic-wrong, ever divisive-gender role-reversal again?

Imagine absolute unborn infinity is where Immortal Love’s at, while we, karmic loaves deny each gender slice of undead bread while we, all starve to death with, maybe a smidgeon sex-trace of anti-love, as if, only an unforgiven Mortal-gender can never unrepentant-discern Immortal~~Holy Spirituality~~ within Clarity of ONENESS-scary Delight Bonding Communion gender-free intention Karma-free, the truest of all Aether Neutral existence-intimacies?

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