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Monday, March 26, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Unbuckle our Seatbelts

Alan Watts ~ Don't Take It Too Seriously

Holographic Karmic-gender is Time-matrix relative too

Water is memory, so when we picture the missing finger on a hand, as if it’s still there, so too can we picture the missing ‘body’ on a ‘finger’, as if it’s still there too. At this miraculous inspirational stage-specific enlightenment we can, surprisingly advance Ascension understanding from the, mere Hologram of Space, to the Hologram of Time perspective, as if a picture of the missing Time on any Physical Matrix, and as if, especially Time Matrix disappears right along with any Holographic Physical-role Matrix Illusion @Delight Bonding Communion too.

Experiential Higher Light Frequency vibration~increase

At this stage specific experiential space time continuum on the Ascension happening enough, we can picture missing Holograms of whole missing people, still in Communion, as if everyone is still there/here, so too can we picture the missing timeless ONENESS Spirit Conscience from our Collective separation-Hologram Consciousness too. At this, even more miraculous inspirational stage-specific enlightenment, we can, surprisingly advance Ascension understanding from the Delight Bonding Communion making us unbuckle our seat belts, as we disappear into Spiritual Sovereign Communion @all perspectives disappearing into absolute unborn infinity too.

We’re in a semi speeding up down Santa Clause Hill with a severe curve at the bottom with no brakes, so what can we do except wake up our relative Time-riders, because ain’t nobody, ever seen an accident like this One gonna be. Years ago I was as fascinated as I am now enamored over first accepting that the Hologram of Time advances my limited understanding of not just our Holographic images being Illusory Usury-perspectives, but the Hologram of Usury Time includes all Time illusions of separation too.

Today’s meditation vision took many extra hours in~deep while ONENESS was unbuckling my Matrix mind-control seat belt, as if the Communion of all Delight Bonding Communions were about to show me what stage-specific advance was, all happening behind the scenes, without any of us, still holding onto half/ass Holographic images sort of enlightening steps across the forgiveness bridge to, even letting go of any more need for dragging low light frequency baby step perspectives along, with limited Body-focus in Relative Time matrix altogether either/neither mirror-double suffering our Usury too~too.

Today’s recent vision had me slogging along, so weathered in the Harsh winds of Time, relative to all the possible suffering slowly, and bedraggled, as if it was “Time” that makes us all so relatively separate sick, and dying on the Karmic-vine. Before I waked up out of space time illusion, ONENESS Spirit Conscience showed me, from an Experiential Higher Light Frequency vibration increase relief, that, Holographic Karmic-gender is Time-matrix relative too, as if Communion of all Delight Bonding Communions is toot effulgent toot living waters sweet beloved nectar.

I experienced the total frustration from trying to hold on with one foot in the red canoe, and the other foot, still in the blue canoe, until the relativity in The Hologram of Time Communion waked me up from all, former wet gender dream’s needy Buckle-up sort of dispassionate needs. While we are sick and dying I couldn’t seem to relate how Time can speed up, and slow down to the Physical at the same Time we are, all relative as if Time’s perspective is what makes it all, so confusing; go figure!

The perspective ‘holder’ is the key to letting go, so it’s not so much needing to know one vibration from any other, it’s all, as relative as any Usury Illusion without Communion of all Delight Bonding Communions can, only seek “Unbuckle Our Seat Belts” insecurity to achieve Spiritual Sovereignty, without our, very accidental Santa Clause hill perspectives, that hold all heavy-semis, so slogging-apart, it seems to me, as if driving me into a home run now?

There is something, so grand about, directly experiencing the Time relative perspective without anyone ever missing, and it’s a lot easier to express in a few words, what this vision does to reveal what I will never forget, but can hardly remember absolute unborn infinity’s non-relative Communion of all Delight Bonding Communion’s perspective-freedom. This self disclosure is ‘humor~permission granted’ to, never again have to, seriously figure it all out from any missing link’s imaginary perspective, because I can’t experience visions like this without Vibrating-free within all of us, at least a little bit.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you seems to command new reflection, but there isn’t one false glimmer that comes to mind now, except a whole lot of Communion, as if Santa Clause was never an accident looking for a place to happen, without Time Matrix crashing near Ascension Hill, and as if we were going ‘up’ the hill-image without brakes, not down; Communion’s like this, ya Karmic-know for-sure? So ‘are we coming, or are we going’ isn’t even a good question, and the answer is not knowing anything, as if unbuckling from the Santa Clause mind-control Satanic Matrix, because ain’t nobody, ever seen an accident like this One gonna be.

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