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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Razzamataazz Twinkie-twist Elite-knot

Red Pill Date (the making of a MGTOW)

I blamed myself when I was a baby for this Mortal Mother Mafia Matrix mangling my mind back into the shit head mudd drowning in toxic-shame from the many perfect ways the switchback Earthling tyrants blame helpless innocent Baby Patsies for exactly what this Death-paradigm does to babies themselves.

I blamed myself, even more at Satanic-prison mind-control Feminazionist schools when I complained about taking the hit for more rape, and murder censuring, that set in my ID shit-head mudd drowning in toxic shame, as if, all childhood Family proxy Wars initiated into this Mother gang-hood goon xenophobic self-hatred ISIS Mother-mercenary continual malignant narcissism, that was, all my fault I, even appeared here as, barely a rag-doll Mortal to begin with.

I blamed myself worse when at last it was the male-race of the genocidal-victim human-war species, that was to blame for everything, and even though it seemed a little like a final relief to become the tortured slave, that I am, and that we all are, really, it was nothing compared to getting married, and having my nut-guts torn out by the very Mother-like woman who blamed me for everything she was doing to our kids, just like my childhood Mother Hood Mafia Matrix mangling did.

I blamed myself in-between this treacherous Patsy-infrastructure with all the Bullies everywhere that get away with rape, and murder too, just like my Mother, and Grandmother did, do, will, but getting picked up by the personal hairs to become a polished boyrash poison brass human sacrifice in Uniform on the bobblehead steps of ancient Pyramids ‘on every Satanic dollar’, just about takes the Toxic-shame Mortal-cake Tax-castration, and corporate-eats at me religious cancer-too.

The rage from toxic shame, and being blamed for what women do to children, themselves, so abused, a man can hardly hold a candle to how the female heart seems to become her womb, not her heart missing in, so much Patsy-gender Usury Toxic-shame too, so it’s the rage and Toxic-shame that makes the perfect marriage, already gone bad, just like pretending Santa Clause isn’t Satan to start the shaming of kids like me, to blame themselves for ‘evil’ eating their nighttime cookies.

I was 45 years old before I was safe enough from parents, teachers, War, and marriage Proxy-childhood, to take a look around, and slow down on this treadmill from Hell, to realize everyone round suffering altogether like this. Forgiveness prayers increased my Spiritual-discernment to the point that I, actually could suffer the pain of gratitude experiences, because none of, all this Mortal Mother Mafia Matrix Mangling is anyone’s fault, because this, after all is the Death paradigm, and more like our living/breathing Life Review, from suffering what we do to blame children, as if Karmic-now that’s switchback-me n Patsy-you.

I have no more sorrow than anyone, and everything we are uncovering in this elite septic tank of undead life, just makes me, even more grateful, so I can’t blame myself, or anyone else for that Psychopathic-shame Mortal-matter projection-any more, even if I try. Babies bring the Light, and Love from Immortality, but energy Vampires hate the Light, that burns a lot more than, just their blood lust eyes, so what are ya gonna do for Mother Earth Vampire-dust, to Sex-part dust, except thank ONENESS Spirit Conscience, and let go of Marriage Mortality in favor of waking up inside, not outside in small town Hateville everywhere on this Feminazionist Satanic Planet from Patsy-baby Hell?

Compliant xenophobes would claim I must be depressed, and leave it(me) at Baby-that, but ‘how now brown cow’ can any defensive Satanist devotee, ever escape coming back again to suffer this censuring effort to kill, all their triggers on this Earth Money battlefield? Funny how enjoying freedom from self-blame really, upsets the Mortal Mother Mafia Matrix Manglers the most, so even this improves Baby-mangling proof is a lot worse than anyone can, still imagine on Satanic Child-sacrifice Cannibalism-denial Baby-patsy Mother Earth.

Imagine just how much control my Mother, still has over my MK Ultra mind-control mind, and then think about how brave I am to, even try to speak my truth, as if she is going to appear back from the dead, to Baby-mangle me one more time, just because she can, and get away with it again too? How grateful can we all get now in our Ascension process, and imagine how much, more grateful I am say-now, that I dare to Truth of Love it? It’s not my fault, and I have no more Proxy-sorrow Mortal Mother Mafia Matrix mangling Proxy-man Woe War, than any Pyramid Baby-patsy!

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