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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Human Hate is Sex’s Motive

A Glass of Water - Sadhguru's Encounter with "Kali"

“To Sex is unforgiving Human; to not Hate-appear is Divine
Sex acting out comes from Human mirror-double Hate Self-motives
Gender-hate drives Human-race Sex-scars
Mortal Sex denies Human Hate Motif
Human Hate is Sex’s Motive
Sex’s Codependent Motive is Karmic-gender Human’s Self-hate Projection
Human Sex Motive’s Karmic Hate
Human hate To appear in Sex-motif
To Err is Hate, to appear Sexual-human
Human Sex comes from Human Projecting Karmic self-Hate”

My all time favorite Title includes, all the other less-clear distractions, but all Human Hate codependent motives work together, as if anyone Human-personified into Karmic hatred death of Love paradigm misses the codependent resentment message, that Karmic divisive-gender psychopathic self-hate role-reversal cannot, even cell-division appear without Human Hate Sex-spinning mirror-double spit-rap spiting Motives.

If to err is human, and to forgive Divine, then to hate is Human, and to disappear isn’t sexual at all?!*@time+$’sfake-out*

Even that we think we are here speaks to our communicating censure-fear in unconscious guilt-driven separation-sex inhumane Sex-motive of Human-hate Karmic-soup, yet isn’t undead life just grand, to never remember we are the, very water~memory, that gets stirred hard we drop over from fighting, so hard against the wet mist of impossible seeming Spiritual entropy.

A Mother-film Karmic-playback reveals the Virgin in, all our innocent dreams, and isn’t this forward playing tragedy, as unforgiven a motive, as any Human Hate in Religious-sex overdrive? What difference does it make if I am a man, or a mouse, all creation motives come from self hate, and Karma wouldn’t have sex working against the Hate-time of Sex-tide any other Mother-way. How to communicate fear comes with Mortal-hate appearing as the spice of all undead unforgiven sex-life trumped backward film-gambling with Karmic-dissonance against water memory’s Love-existence within Communion’s absolute unborn infinity.

Who among us doesn’t lie about shame, once initiated into Human prison’s appearance? Aren’t all Hate-motives the same Human, then, or is one gender the liar-winner race about a Mother’s sex-motives, self-hate agenda Evil-infrastructure Earth-here. Plant both dream-feet and begin to stir a huge Human Hate Collective-sexpot as fast as denial allows us already, and viola; ‘we all fall down’ as fast as we wake up, so slow we can, hardly stir toward this Love-stillness Truth Clarity of ONENESS Intention from Aether Neutral Immortality, minus any Shame Mortal-projection.

“ I am Human-hate, and appear as codependent-gender to prove my Karmic-motive for mirror-double Sex-blame, no less Physical-role shame, than any self-hate Mother half-life anomaly. I appear not to be a Mother half, but all language communicates word-fear of mirror-separation from the, Other half-life we can’t remember, when we appear here Mother-dissonant, as any Human Hate personified, and small-fry Karmic-engenderfried split-tongue sex-drool licking-separate.”

Can I look Hate right in the Sex-eye, and live undead to lie about it, Mother/Other, or is human the same other hate separation half a Mother swear, as any Half-life stirring memory water with all our sexual might, and not live to tell about it, sweet beloved nectar aether-either? Are we all f’d, or is there one among us who isn’t ammonia scratch-ticket Hate-sex chopping block *eather plucking chicken-shit eating where we *reak-out beak-eat stir-so-hard?

Is Earth the road for big-rigs, or are Earth rigs the lonely road for Human Hate Sex-waste noisy-red muffler Lip-censure motives? Are you a boy, or are you a girl, and if we, all have lost our innocent motives, then what difference does Sex-make if Human Hate is making off with, all the Mother-tr***ing Earth-virgin Sex-money? It’s really simple for me now, to wake up in bed, just in time to see “Human Hate is Sex’s Motive” with all these other compliment-variations of stirring the Earth pot with, too much Hate-source human-sex motives, “We all fall down” so *Angel laughing-kids exhausted, just for Human-trying to stir as fast as we kick the Hate-can down the Earth-road in Love-reverse as *Fallen poesy~prose loser-inverse denial-posers.

Are we having Child-sacrifice fun yet, and how is Satanic Human xenophobe Mother Earth Mafia-sex working out for us? Is there ever a free stirring-the-shit day off where we turn right around, and crawl back up from where we all seem to come from in this Karmic-second’s place? Try discerning the underlying meaning here deeper within, and I do mean a mean-spirited human mean ‘unkind’ of mistaken meaning?

This brings up a most important need to forgive within every intention of mean Human hate gone fishing. With forgiveness intention we can see what’s what, but as long as we remain in Hate-denial human Sex-motives make us, as blind and deaf to what’s, really going on Earth-everywhere as Mothers, cops, and judges can’t lucky~see anything they imagine they have to fix, change diapers, or do the paper work involved, to justify killing others, as themselves, just like haters can’t ‘sex’ others as themselves either.

It’s, not any easier to Love others, as ourselves than it is to Hate other Humans, as ourselves, but unknown gender-forgiveness is as simple as eating humble pie, as long as we stop seeing gender everywhere we keep blaming others as our same initiated f’d up Sex-selves too.

“I am a Human Hater suffering my, very own gender Sex-motive Home-movie Family-projection, and I thank ONENESS Spirit Conscience for absolute unborn infinity existence for watching this lifetime within, all other life times mixing it up, interconnecting within Delight~existence in the pool of Immortal Love, to replace any more Karmic-dissonant need for self-punishing motives to improve my self-hate stirring-proof of denied Guilt-need for more punishing illusory Human Hate Sex Motive Crazy-ass denied small-fry owe-debt do-it, never own-it shame-addiction.”

What does Everything-water Mother-baseball working-it have to do with Kidnapping the Heaven-bases Memory~back Home~anyway, forgiving intention?

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