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Friday, March 30, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Blackmail Blue Pill Paradigm Hostages

Sadhguru knows why man needs a woman?

How does it feel any different to play the Blackmailer hostage, or the Blackmailed hostage, because the blackmailer, and the blackmailed, both depend on each other’s Blackmailing-role untoward Karmic-gender dispirited Host aging-roles. One gender plays the blackmailer role, while the, other gender plays the hostage-role, and they reverse their Karmic Power-over positioning to experience, directly how it feels to play the hostage-role, as either Blackmailer, or Blackmailed Human Hate sex-hostage Blackmailing more suffering children Blackmail Blue Pill Paradigm Hostages.

When I play the gender, who is always ‘wrong’ no matter what it, really does feel awful to remain censured until-death-do-we fart-apart POOF-proof, but when we POOF-proof fart-apart I lose my constant Hostage to be able to pretend I am always right, until death do we come back to this constant sexual-nagging blackmail/hostage, hostage/blackmail Human Hate Blue Pill Paradigm, where this one rule is the same measure of separation guilt, no matter which gender pretends the other is, always, wrong, because the Earth-quantum co-creator is, never separate from its Spiritual-fail Karmic-switchback suffering-quanta.

Christ Light deep inside Spiritual Sovereignty reminds us to take our Buddha Kind-parachute with us, before we gender>jump back again, yet we, all look back at that instant, and guess what we all exclaim floating down down down, even before we dead-cat-bounce back Blackmail Blue Pill Paradigm Constipated Hostages here “Paid a nickel to shtf again”? Is there anyone who can guess which is the coolest fear-cat out in the Cosmic Predator Earth alley meoowling the illuminati's gender-worst, or is the front door of churches the back door of Blackmail-marriage government-unsafe sexing-children Mafia-protection?

Who, first owns the children, before we donate them to the Chamber of Commerce religions for the Satanic-cannibal cause, and who is the Hostage-best, the ones who are are, always wrong, or the ones who use sexual Blackmail the worst? Are the men really, so in charge, or are the women woe-of-man blackmailer losers, who use the gender-cops to remind the elite where to find the next volunteer for shtf fly-SWAT their private prisoners? Who wins when every hostage loses in Blackmail Blue Pill Paradigm? Does one special gender stand out from all the winner-rest the loser worst-best?

Can anyone dare to guess which creation remains in Blackmail-role, and which gender keeps their head down to hostage-escape from authentic-spirited detection, just to get off the evil-street, and out from under this Karma bridge? Is there life after death here for any woe, and doesn’t this hostage-life feel more like Blackmail of the Blackmailed, until we switch our allegiance from any physical-role Karmic-sexual Blackmail, to unheard-of Earth Kindness disappearing into surprise Delight unborn Pleasance?

When I am kind and others are responsive in their trust for my pure motives, I feel the best I can ever feel, so the opposite must be mirror-double true for the control-freak narcissist, who makes everything happening everywhere, any time, all about them, as if they don’t need cards at all, because, all they cop-hold are sexual-elite Satanic-trumps. I bet whoever feels the best, isn’t the Blackmailers, even though they sure look like they, just love having, all the power, while complaining the worst among us, about blaming their hostages for making them have to take charge all the Blackmailer hostage-wastes in time space Karma-continuum.

Isn’t constant pouting a good misery-clue in a measure of how much rage, and a measure of how tiny the howling-hole, or do hostages become Stockholm Syndrome-addicted to the ones who hide their rage the most childlike whining, ever so un-imaginable gently ’n immeasurable they get away with wily smiles the Satanic-switchback used car sales BS-test-best. Who never says their feelings unless it’s used in Blackmail-sex Hollywood hit-and-run-reaction to any other authentic self-disclosure, and then coyote-hungry project-complains, “Why don’t you learn to say your feelings any more“

Who is the victim/caretaker and who is the victimizer/caretaker, when if anyone admits they can be one of these three, all it means is both blackmail/hostage Blue Pill Paradigm Earth-players, become, all three again instantaneously the moment we Karmic-gender Earth-losers appear role-reversal back divisive-gender blackmail-hostage indifferent-slog mudd-marching shtf-here. Can either gender become impossibly grateful for the direct experience of forgiveness miracles working through, and for, neither red pill Aether Neutral devotee?

Can Mortal-motive ‘we’ feel grateful for the chance to, constantly Love-exchange into Light, as if disappearing into Immortality, or is Blackmail, all there is to our sexual-version of gender-freedom, when we get to choose who plays the victim the best, and gets away with it the Blackmailer~worst? Does man, have any other choice except to become a mouse, or does this Immortalized mantra reveal the writing on prison wall catacombs from the gender rats who live at the cop-dump the elite’s most? Which gender is the winner, and which gender is the loser, if it hates one, to know one, as the, only ones who inhabit unforgiven physical-role Blackmail Earth Karma Dharma Drama in a sort of Spiritual-death, any way blackmail-woe-hostage looks at shtf Karmic-shame itch-itness?

Which woe is bigger, the hostage mouse, or the shit house rat in charge of this huge Earth-dump, right at the top of this Mother Earth gender-fertilizer pile? The little rats everywhere in charge, really have nothing to be Mother-proud of, yet the only losers who show up back here are the mirrors of our own self-hating blackmail/hostage corpse-intention ‘piled higher and deeper’ with PHD Karmic-loser win-intentioned Blackmail chief-rat barbaric-elitist woe-mind hang-down-your-head controllers in charge of, all sexual-Blackmail rat-patrol toxic-shame switchback coyote-denied.

My core issue on my 73rd Good Friday suffering Earth Birthday, repenting Pine Cone gender altogether, waiting the 3 days a seed takes to Trust-sprout anew on another innocent Delight-intentioned debutante Easter celebration from Honestly forgiving it all, me. Wouldn’t it be a great Good Friday non-Earth new Easter day if we, all repent to admit Karmic-agendas, that keep us from Aether Neutral freeing energy into Kind~unborn infinity innocent Wonder? Love Listening surprise acceptance perennial garden Pleasance for all we, Karmic mirror-double control freaker/freakees Chamber of Sex-Commerce smily-face used-car gender-sales Satanic-pretenders…

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