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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Holy Spirituality within Pine Cone: Karma Dharma Drama

OSHO: Each Problem Is a Challenge and Makes You More Intelligent

We Be Holy Spirit forgiveness miracles of Kindness Delight interconnecting in Communion with all Sentient Light Beings within ONENESS Spirit Conscience, replete, timeless, inviolate, and invisible, yet how we suffer Blackmail of absolute unborn Spirit infinity to, even appear here? We shine our Light as much as we suffer outside the Inner Realm of Kindness, and what things I notice here the most, is how much we Blackmail others, just to survive gender-initiation to evil slavery prison here.

I howled the most in rage at the initial twisted torture to get Blackmailed as a gender to have to almost let go of Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing ONENESS Spirit Conscience kindness in favor of gang hood goon human hate continual Karma Dharma-blackmail unconscionable Collective Warring-drama Mob-posse worship Consciousness. It is horrifying to watch a Mother use me to Blackmail my only Earthly Father, and it’s worthy of torture-mention to self-disclose where that put me on the bottom of evil Mother Earth Blackmail, as her torture man-hate bait.

Even to be tortured first to lose my interconnection to kindness is bad enough, but to watch coming attractions as my Father became homeless, duplicates the same evil motives when the Mother Earth Mafia reveals what happens to me next, as if the #1 torture rule here is to kill all the people we Love first, and keep little helpless children alive long enough to watch exactly what is happening to blackmail us, more future already.

About the time Mothers would have, actually killed children with so much built up codependent resentment shame, this evil support system to use kids for elite profit, takes the next Blackmailing step to force us safely away, to Nazi-feminine Prison-schools-for-money, and more torture than any kid can keep up with, as double-torture mind-control Soul-selling increases. I am as lucky as I am grateful to escape rape, and murder via both non-Home Matriarchs complaining about Patriarchy, but now I can see I was, really thrown from the Satanic frying pan, into MK Ultra Nazi SS vagina Hell-fire, shot out of Mom’s cold roll steel Womb-cannon.

The next torture step to get a girl friend after watching what Moms do to homeless men and homeless children was too much to, even be able to ignore, so I gave up Satanic music, and dance-sex altogether, to take a little break before working for the elite demon-women’s tortured Blackmailed-men, just so the rich cigar smoking fat cats could take power-over women’s minds so Mothers imagined their rich demons were just men, not demon-women fake-out, mirror-double evil fast-food GMO-milk take-outs.

What a relief to work all day to pay all the money to the Cannibal-elite Barbarians, because anything is better than continuing the homeless ex-father part, again, that my Mother introduced to me as a very integral sex-abused part getting, too close to this elite Earth Monster red ass orangutan Mom-machine. I had lost any interconnection to Conscience anyway, so at the very survival-least I became complicit enough to, not ever self-disclose this treatise, until Ascension freeing energy has given me the voice for Blackmail Earth torture child pain that, perhaps we all deserve, right now brown shtf cow how.

I admit the most anxiety I ever experienced was watching all this same Karmic-gender Dharma marriage-fail Child-sacrifice Cannibal-drama repeat itself right in front of me again as another, almost forgotten ex-role as the Father I never knew, know, or will. I am ever-new Joy eternally grateful to have Holy Spirit show me, exactly how bad I was Mom-tortured before, as a little helpless Nazi SS barely cognizant Child-sacrifice for the elite cause, because I am convinced now, that Nothing of Earth was, is, or will be my fault, ever again in my renewing mind of Delight interconnecting Conscience, restoring me back to all Holy Spirit timelines shining this same Kind Light on what’s what, and what is, never Elite-kind on Mother’s ex-fat cat torture-wrinkle Cannon Earth.

Imagine how complicit my silence tortured me before? The dumbest thing I have, ever experienced to this point is how no Earth-body Love Listens me, so all this crap is just the tip of the complicit iceberg, as more than 90% of what would seem, even less kind to the wolf-blind unkind sheep, doesn’t have any chance in this Censure Hell to self-disclose, because censuring-silence onto “Oh he’s just tired” child-memories is the #2 Earth crap, that makes 10% Truth of Love, almost emotionally-safe impossible-seeming unintelligent even, and especially now.

Some of this Earthling Blackmail stuff has been censured for incorrigible centuries, so I can be grateful Ascension came along this timeline, and we wouldn’t believe how happy it makes all the other Sentient Light Beings to enjoy their 4th of July Patriot Pine Cone Light-show. I get the sense that Holy Spirit is as happy with me as can be too, because I finally understand, single eye vision Pineal Portal requires Holy Spirit Communion, along with all the timeless Sentient Light Beings typing for me already, replete, timeless, inviolate, and sheep-kind 90% Wolf-invisible, still.

What a tease Holy Spirit Humor within Pine Cone can seem huh? Todays step is a baby Pine Cone step across the Kind~bridge of forgiveness nurturing, because Sentient Light Beings are, like this baby~sweet pure~water; yes we Magical Mystical Miracle Musical-muse are.

Even that this much poetry can hide inside poesy prose, almost reveals how Holy Spirit is hidden in all of us, just waiting to be able to withstand, all the other unconscionable ways we suffer unaware, as much as everyone else stuck here as Light-bringers looking like we, all keep dying on Immortal Love’s surprisingly, *sill alive* timeless-twisting Light vines. An Inner Net gentle stage-specific Inner Realm 10% Lamb-voice in Communion can seem, more like Love-inverse> “Stop 90% internet scream-streaming, already!”< *OUCH* damn it, you’re hurting me>


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