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Friday, March 2, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: 2 Most Critical Problems on Earth at the Moment

2 Most Critical Problems on Earth at the moment

Source: Angel Team v2

There are only 2 critical problems on Earth:

1. Climate Change

2. Unfair System

Some other issues like the aliens invasion, cabal, etc. are just peanut if all Nation Military join force together.

Climate Change

Climate, Weather always change for thousands of year. In some videos/articles online say top organizations used time travel to see the future & other stuffs. That is just the “prediction” just like prediction football score, the outcome must be in hand of all players on the fields.

Paris Agreement is not going to work for the main issues is just the CO2 ! It is beyond that.

You can see it in history book where oil/gas/petrol has not appear, at that moment, the weather/climate is already change !

The real issue is human are eating/killing many natural “cleaning” animal like the crab, shrimp, lobsters, snail, etc. All Asia, South America Latino, Africa Nations are destroying the eco-system of planet Earth directly, they are hunting/catching whatever creatures just for money. It is not just money they are killing themself at the same time without knowing it.

I blame all that “third world” Government like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, etc. For do not ban GMO, pesticide, artificial toxic chemical, etc.

All of that issues because the current system are broken, not fair for everybody & every nations. The “white western” nation attack for land, the “yellow brown black” nations “return” by eating all “cleaning animals”, blabla too much stupid things while say here does not solve & help anything !

Unfair System

The unfair system lead to the bad guys, the drug traffickers, chaos everywhere.

The capitalism does not work, the social/communism does not work at this moment, at this timeline on Earth for many reasons.

But the mixed between capitalism & social communism are going to work.

There are no such thing like poverty, world hunger because lack of foods on Earth at the moment. From immortal being view & estimate, Earth are already producing 4-5 times foods bigger than the “perfect human body require”. The problem is human are eating too much more than standard because of the media, the stupid scientist or maybe some “aliens”.

The current system must be changed from money, education, nation metric system GDP to must be based on environment, foods & happiness, etc.

Human must master & understand how human body function first then they can develop all their natural super ability naturally like what all the “secret top organization” are/has testing all the “gifted children”.

Quick Factual: Human do not run on calories/protein !

Do the car fuel run on metals?

The bounty hunter solution system is the best way to show the world publicly, I cannot share any more knowledge online like what I am doing without any sign of change in all nations.


Messiah Udumbara Flower Holy King

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