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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: All Earth Planet Views, Who are the Corrupt People According to God in the Bible

All Earth Planet Views, Who are the Corrupt people according to God in the Bible

Source: Messiah Note

Many Secret Group, Government want peaceful, remove corrupt people but first they must remove the corruption people first. But who are the Corrupt people according to the Bible?

The hard answer is the people who eat meat every day or week and do not compile with Nature Earth & Spirit law ! That why God said “corrupt from childhood”, how can a baby called corrupt human without even know anything around them?

Well then 100% minus few cases on Earth are the good non-corrupt people only.

Have any Government go to 100% vegan meal serve in public, school, military yet? Or even only elect politician with strong will, spirit where ready to go on 100% plant-based non-root diet?

Maybe just maybe in the future.

So for now, no matter what all kind of so called Elders, Alliance are trying to do, they cannot archive world peace forever yet. They may winning the battle against the illusion “cabal” but losing the WAR to save planet Earth from destruction.

All the white, black, yellow, red human races are because of the climate, weather around them from long long time. But here is my overall opinions about their character at the moment in 2018:

White people: Smart, Independent but too calculate.

Black people: Funny, Stupid, Wild.

Yellow people: Half smart-half stupid, most live in community base.

A lot of factors can influence them like religion, nation where they live. To me Islam religions must change and upgrade now, they are out of date. Human cannot bread like animals.
And of course there are small case advance beings who can control their emotion & thought no matter what their races.

Now to go overall region to region around Earth:

West: The biggest mistake they made is pay to breed baby & mutilculture. How stupid is that? I don not know and care which group are behind that idea but they are destroying their own race & Earth.

East: You may argue they are “waiting for something” so they are living too close like community, but they are rely on others too much. They must be more independent & learn how to to self-thinking.

Both East-West are balance smart-stupid, but it is all about the system.

Original Continent: The land for people like-mind-habit

1. Asia

They must respect and learn about nature more.

2. Europe

It is a disaster on Europe, they must remove all the refuges back to Africa & Middle East. They must stop pay-to-breed-baby program now, dumpf idea. Life is about quality not about quantity. They are losing their own nation.

3. Africa

This continent need a lot of work. They should recall and bring back all black people oversea who was born & raise in “white Nation” to help and teach them about agriculture & management. Now after South Africa affair, no any White & Yellow being have gut to help that Africa continent, too dangerous !!!

4. South America

They must respect and learn about nature more.

Immigration Continent: The land for multi-culture & languages

All land obtained by war are illegal, all the land obtained in paper by Queen of UK and/or others must be removed and return back to people of the land through their self-government.

5. Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, etc.

They need to stop all the GMO and pesticide, artificial chemicals on the land. They must plant more tree, stop mining mental/oil just to sell to oversea unless it need to building. The land area is large but the height(elevation) is small.

6. North America: USA, Canada

USA and Canada should merge into single Nation call North America. And start city-base management instead of States/Big 1 Government, they are too big to manage. You cannot satisfy everybody and force everybody follow the same policy. If any one ban gun move to the same city and 100% of that city must vote ban gun. That is also the future world model about everything.

7. Greenland

Reserve, tree will grow again so no entity is allow to control & claim this land except people who will migrate to here in the future.

8. Antarctica

Reserve, tree will grow again so no entity is allow to control & claim this land except people who will migrate to here in the future.


Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower Holy King

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