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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: Bible Rev 12 Catastrophe Warning --1260 days from 23-09-17

Bible Rev 12 Catastrophe Warning: 1260 days from 23-09-2017

Source: Messiah Note

The Earth Reset “Noah-Flood-type” clocked is activated since 23-09-2017. 1260 days from that which is around 03/03/2021, planet Earth will cast floods, storm, quake to clean the environment.

Prophecy/Prediction give you a warning, if you do not act and resolve the problems now, then you deserve to die !!!

Here is what the Bible Revelation 12 said:

Woman: planet Earth

Child: new Earth

Dragon: Animals including the Dragon for the Dragon is the symbol the most high in animal kingdom.

Animals asked planet Earth: “What are you doing”, human race are killing us and you, you must act now”

Earth replied: “Right, but before that I must give them their final warning & signal first, Messiah is already here on Earth, if the human race do not trust him, then they deserve to die for there are too much toxin both in water, soil, air”.

Animals continued: “You have too much mercy, but when you cast the Noah-flood type?”

Earth answered: “1260 days from 23-09-2017, I will cast everything including floods, storm, earthquake to all toxic Nations & land do not care about nature. I really do not want to do that for I love human so much but I must live too”.

Dragon said: “Nice, we cannot to see how human act now, see you later, bye”.

After 1260 days since 23-09-2017 which is around 03/03/2021

The Earth kept her promise, planet Earth go in to full chaos mode, no electric, floods, earthquake, storm in all toxic land. Human fighting human just for foods & water, the serpent (bad corrupt people) even bring gun/knife, they just could not control their behavior for they eat too much animals products (bad karma influence). The chaos come and go, “the referee” with high ability appeared, new law is established, the serpent must follow the new Nature law or you get instantly killed.

From then Earth move to another new peaceful & harmony era just like the biginning from Earth Creation where every beings including human, plants, animals respect each other !

I do not know what others said, if above “decode message” do not fit the scripture then can any being on Earth have other explanation? I have read many others said above Rev 12 but non of them make sense to me!

Planet Earth is at the tipping point, if all Nation leaders do not act then nothing I can help you now.

All kind of so called “secret top group” are fighting for illusion.

If you represent any Nation Government want help, then reply to this article, I will do quick tour & give you the solution. There is no any online uncensored platform discussion between secret group now, what a joke !!!

But best of luck to all Nations & all beings.


Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower Holy King

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