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Monday, March 26, 2018

Messiah Udumbara: Epic Planet Earth History from the Creation beyond the Bible

Epic Planet Earth History from the Creation beyond the Bible

Source: Messiah Note

The Bible is the compressed & encrypted of full Earth history, it is not a fiction story created by God of Earth. There are many events was taken place on Earth, but you should only focus on the main event which is why Earth become the mess like today.

In the biginning, everything was beauty, planet Earth filled with both human and Gods from the Universe. Human at this time have already active full communication skill including telepathy so they could communicate with plants & animals, even ability to see spirit. Human was taught & trained everything. But after explored everything on Earth, all “qualified” human & Gods departed Earth to other location so human can live & train on their own.

Bible term:

Adam & Eve: man & woman.

Serpent: Bad, liar, lazy people.

Noah: Good, hard working, understand people.

Tree of Knowledge, Good & Evil: Animal Eggs, Body/Parts relate.

Mark of the Beast from Land & Sea: Money, Material including gold, silver, technology, etc.

666 represent:

6 continents: Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Pacific, Antarctica.

6 languages & religions: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Christian, Islam.

6 things: climate, water, soil, war(including both force & economic war), sexual, death.

There are 2 major floods & mocks in the Bible, the cause is the same: out of touch, abuse nature (animals, plants, soil, etc.) & human think they can get a way with it. God did not create floods, planet Earth did, the good people group (Noah) was guided by spirit, Earth & their life was saved.

First 40 days Flood

Everybody have their own house but the Earth garden are free for all, but there was no law, only nature law everybody knew. But after God gave a “harsh weather test”, few cannot bear and start grab bird/dragon eggs to animal meat to eat. The rule about treating animals are very complicated, some already be reviewed in the Torah but it was not completed.

At first some cased was instant healed by master healer but, then they keep violating nature laws & over-breeding & do not work (plant more tree & other nature stuff), to the point nature Earth have to “RESET/Floods” in order to continue. The good people who obey the nature and spirit law was saved, some was killed, the rest was moved to other planet or to the hollow Earth.

Second 150 days Flood

God angry and disabled human ability to communicated with plant & animals & spirit but there are only major 1-2 language all over Earth. People worked great together & too trust each other, that’s is why the war break, for easy to understand: it just like Russia & China today where one develop foods/economy, one develop forces/military but at more stupid level. All kind of artificial GMO animals, plants even created, technology, blabla. Just imagine what happen if weather change & lack of foods?

The reason the first flood 40 days while the second flood was 150 days is because the second flood have more damaged like artificial GMO, technology while the first once was just only out-off balance nature.

After the second flood, God said to himself “ok, fine, let remove 1 string of their DNA & divide/confuse them more via both language & culture so they cannot start war.”, “I will going to ask Messiah will come to perfect moment between heaven & hell, life & death, if the Messiah cannot save Earth planet, then nobody on this Universe can save.”

That is why you see many major conflict between religions & nations like the World today.

The original purpose of religion was to learning/practice, not to follow & worship. All the so called religions on Earth are man-made !!! For there is only religion in the whole Universe: Religion of Truth & Knowledge.


Messiah – Mahdi – Maitreya – Udumbara Flower Holy King

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