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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Mr. Oxygen (R): Who Owns You? Frauds

Who Owns You? Frauds

“Nobody Owns Me” He sincerely bleated with programmed but very real conviction at the expo meeting. And you probably feel the same. I did. And you're both right, we're all right really in truth, but our circumstances are created very differently by criminal and psychotic mind-controlled beings here in the duality and time and dimension expanse.

The maxim of law is “Fraud stands as truth until rebutted.” We are all creators and presumed to be correct in all choices. That's why no truly benevolent being will help unless asked.

All superior beings recognize that obviously you are expressing your free will by self-creating your situation (in their eyes) by your being right where you are, just as you are, even in pain. So they will not violate your Divine free will by interfering unasked.

You would do well to think that maxim of law over very carefully to realize how that maxim fits into your everyday lives as well. Example: your mate screams some accusation at you. You may choose to say nothing, (no rebuttal) so your other - rightly or wrongly - assumes it was true, and blames you for it over and over. That's how it works. We must rebut the presentment frauds if we want them changed, or they happen over and over.

“Nobody owns me.” is definitely declaring your sovereignty! Congratulations! Yeeaaaaay!

But here many criminals will ignore your rebut, and keep right on slaving every not defended/protected part of you, except they can't slave your superior and always exempt SPIRIT.

We are a very special assemblage point created in SOURCE Energies. With super advanced ET technology, your SPIRIT's particles can amazingly be trapped, contained, dissolved, and diluted. So much so, you cease to function. “Alive” but comatose God particles.

Through lifetimes of bad freewill choices, darkness is mixed with our Light like a mayonnaise. Your depleted particles cannot be destroyed by any lesser, but they still have use - because they carry the now-unorganized depleted trapped SOURCE Power. The particles can be thrown on a dung heap re-Source pile, and used to make things later by black magic criminals. This has all been seen by witnesses.

So, the darkness infected and blinded criminal minions in all dimensions think that this power effect means when they exert control in the duality expanse, that they must own Spirit as well. But, au contraire. Despite ego puffing, nobody owns God, God owns THEM! The lower (creation) NEVER controls the higher. Black magic is ego vanity hurting people. Spirit NEVER hurts another, itself.

Cities do not control the state or fed, because they are the lesser corporation created under the larger ones. The Vatican got away with claiming to be the top of the corporate state hierarchic chain - because they were, they thought, first to make the claim of being that. All under dark god instruction.

Claiming to be the top corporation made them lots of money, and they fraudulently enforced claiming it by making the delusional presentment they alone were exclusively god's representative on Earth. Maybe some dark ET space gods secretly that showed up acting benevolent, and surrounded with light, and wowed the natives. Maybe they taught a few miracle tricks, and that ended up so that no one was able to rebut effectively. And now Manna Trust comes along and rebuts the Vatican claim.

So that is how it works from you back up through the chain.

An Andromedan channel just said:

“ came down dimensionally from Source before you began the ascension process.

So you have all been twelfth dimensional beings, ninth dimensional beings, sixth dimensional beings, and of course, fifth dimensional beings, and you have existed in all of the dimensions we did not mention as well. “

Since EVERYTHIING is SOURCE, and you are SOURCE, and all creations must insert trapped Spirit energies into them to make them work, and would cease to exist without us, no lesser creation can legally claim ownership of the All There IS, YOU. Without you, they - and it - cannot exist.

Parts of what is attached to you in this world of illusion have seemingly created seeming loopholes allowing many with fraudulent presentments of owning you to flourish with impunity. But even under their own ET ED laws, they cannot legally remove your right to self-determination, = freewill.

High tech defective aliens who enjoy worship, meaning YOU fooled into worshiping them as your gods, created our souls by making diminished mere holographic copies of our captured Spirits inside their artificially created time. They placed the copied from Spirit souls in higher dimensional, but still in duality, soul groups that are interfacing between our Source Spirits and our alien created biology bodies.

Our bodies come complete with their own inter-galactically patented DNA gene splicing. Carefully watch the movie Jupiter Rising. They claim they own this putrid creation, and that we are all “willingly” here. Bullfeces. No full disclosure. Vie et armis - by way of violence. Fraud in the presentment. Unequal meeting of the minds. Once discovered and rebutted, fraud is vitiated/erased back to its inception.

They glue our Spirits - with their own now individually glued on soul groups and individual souls - into our bodies with our real seeming minds, and subconsciousnesses, and thoughts, and emotions. They hook it all into their created duality matrices and live off our now perverted by mind Spirit and loosh energy.

They force us into into fraudulent created Spirit-draining re-incarnation loops. They keep all this truth from us. They let us leave our bodies - as long as we stay in their expanse of many created dimensions.

They tell us to be good suffering slaves that are earning special places in heaven by evolving, without disclosing they are the ones who took it all away. Our Spirits are dragged along through duality, and all yearn to return to the freedom we had, without knowing what happened due to the diminished state.

They control us with these souls. They control our bodies with them. Higher creations controlling decreasingly lower creations. They control our attached diminished Spirits by proxy with them. They require their being worshiped by us. They judge us, and dole out punishment/reward baubles. They force us to mentalize more and create timelines by my teaching and writing this, and by you reading it. Spirit only uses direct perception. No need to think. Better than. Out of the mind and into the heart.

But it became apparent to me, subject to correction, one way to reach those lost-to-the-traps is through using the verbal and written word inside the trap to help, so I volunteered for this for a revocable while, and go through it right along with everyone else, immersed in duality dumbing - so it can be described honestly from the receiving end. It has not been easy on any of us.

Local Scams

When born, your parents believed and were told they must unknowingly create an all capital letter corporation out of you. The proof they were duped is in your wallet in all instances of ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

However; Fraud in the presentment. Unequal meeting of the minds. Once discovered and rebutted, fraud is vitiated back to its inception.

“You must claim your property rights to your own soul by age seven, or be assumed dead and missing at sea and forfeiting your property (and soul) to the state since you are now presumed missing, dead, and insane to let them do it, and therefore a ward of the state.”

Fraud in the presentment. Fraud in the presumption. Fraud in the determination. Conspiracies to defraud. Unequal meeting of the minds. Once discovered and rebutted, fraud is vitiated back to its inception.

“Because you have a social security number you are a federal employee.”


“The IRS considers you taxable under BATF laws as a firearms, alcohol, or tobacco related company in your master file.” Request it, decode it, it's all there. I am presumed to be selling alcohol in Puerto Rico. Never been there. Reagan told us all taxes go to European banks, not USA, same as Carter's Grace Commission. Reagan was shot for it. JFK killed for ordering Constitutional currency.


“Constitutional rights do not apply to you.”

Fraud in the presentment. No real prior notice. Fraud in the presumption. Fraud in the determination. Fraud in the incorporation. Unequal meeting of the minds between the parties. Once discovered and rebutted, fraud is vitiated back to its inception.

Privileges, from corporations in, and via, any dimension, and from any ET Earth controllers, are not inalienable rights. Much lesser. That's what feels so wrong.

Our NATURAL ORGANIC Superseding Inalienable Rights from SOURCE - our Essence, are Inalienable Rights. Since the intended to defraud creations glued onto us and surrounding us we never honestly agreed to cannot exist without SOURCE Energies, they do not have superior standing.

Using the shining Radiance,
you enter the Light,
where no harm can come to you. - Rumi

Pax Vobiscum

Mr. Oxygen (R) Opinions (C)

Intergalactic Humans - Exposing Human Source Origins, Our Situation, & ET Darkness Twists Put On Truth

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