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Monday, March 5, 2018

Pine Cone Heart Communion: Who Loves to Hate the Most

OSHO: Something Which Never Dies

Sexy abused man-hating haggard women were abusive deaf women-hating haggard pricks, that will become abused deaf women-hating haggard pricks again, and back again to become sexy abusive man-hating haggard women. Life existence on the inside of Pineal Portal as the beauty of Immortal Spirit is not sexy, not haggard, not Karmic divisive-gender physical role-reversal hate, not abusive/abused Bully/Coward unforgiven, and certainly not unkind-blind, and deaf to how, all illusory things physical-cycle on the shame-wash, and dry-tears of suffering experientially whatever keeps us from living Life inside the eternal existence, that remembers everything Spiritual Love can do, and does for those who dare to forgive Karmic-battering others as our Karmic-battered selves.

Physical killer gossips come back deaf, so they can’t Karmic-talk easily again, and every color in the rainbow plays similar Karmic-parts, until color becomes sound vibration Communion, and we see people as money, and back again rich, and poor in role-reversal too. Every Karmic thing suffering in physical-role favor is outside the Pineal Portal, so if you ain’t visible, you already can trust you ain’t sexy/haggard/human/Karmic/genderhate/abusive/abused/Bully/Coward/unforgiven, and certainly not unkind-blind, and deaf to how all illusory things physical-cycle on the shame-wash and dry tears of suffering experientially whatever keeps us from living Life inside the eternal existence, that remembers everything Spiritual Love can do, and does for those who dare to forgive Karmic-battering others, as our Karmic-battered selves.

The Physical-separation outer-fear abusive><realm ‘communicates’ visible Mortal hate, and the Spiritual-kind inner~Love nurturing realm “Communes” invisible Immortal forgiveness. Even though this communication collection of word-hate comes from a physical A-holiness background, the invisible message from Heart Communion reveals a hint of how, only Spirit sees all things, oh so broken hearted, “Paid a nickel to shtf and only sexy/haggard/human/Karmic/gender-hate/abusive/abused/Bully/Coward/unforgiven farted.”

Do women objectify themselves in Physical-role main-favor, and then come back to experience how it feels to suffer as men objectifying women again, only to keep coming back again, and again both ways and crooked? Do men? Do you do men this way, and think you can escape hate-Karma? Do men? Do women fart abusive men? Do men fart abusive women. Is the vagina worth more than, both boobs to a man, or a woman the best, or is the Karma of all three worth more than Marriage-motive man-hate sex-blame in Earth Haggard Patsyville, just outside Spirit-pine town?

Is all this hate back, and forth worth it to fake a life undead outside the Pineal Portal, or is undead life a gift from ONENESS Spirit Conscience so when we, do forgive each other, as our hateful selves we, really appreciate a little Holy Spirit Humor, that we couldn’t, even enjoy before a hater surrenders to its, own Karmic-cause, Immortal Spirit Love inside Pine Cone Gratification-relief? Are you a Tesla, or a Pine Cone, without any more need for another gender to keep Patsy-blaming in like, forever-seeming hateful Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal sexy/haggard/human/Karmic/gender-hate/abusive/abused/Bully/Coward/unforgiven Progeny-reproductions?

I am concerned for those, still physical-hate cycling when the shtf this weak meek-to-Spirit week, so I guess this means I am projecting more Karma already, but all I know is I, always feel better after I am Spiritually-kind to another, as myself, from seeing through the Karmic-veil from a new perspective inside the golden marriage ring at the humble Spirit-gateway, without any more need for 3D Karmic dry-cycling soul-heat to feet-fire? What will I do if I don’t disappear when the Ascension shtf, and better yet what will I do if I do? I guess I never could do anything about unforgiven undead life anyway, so I think I will let Spirit do the whatever, and Thank my Karma for the motivation to total-humility surrender…OMG…this illusory week!!!

OSHO: Intellectual Listening is a Kind of Deafness

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