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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Pine Cone Holy Spiritennin: Iconurappaloosa Lifegivaway Lovedeadtake

Sadhguru's Earth Hour Message - March 24

Dis be da misspelling deaf-platform trance-place when Time batters the body-mortal down da tubas sucksobig boing boing, orgasm ping pong replace de meek to Spirit into goulashess long enough to point into Hellishwhere we, already into shock from dyinsofast we be da Time of all pasticonic’s nuclear blast.

Alphabowel movemeant is happenin all round so overanover we be da hanson da-face of Timesoworried from where we allswirlin been iconicannin, yet the depressed are de oppsite ones who dodge dee Alpha plot under grounbe slogginfakeroonis pretendin da best outta de way of dagun shooin de blue away within black whitentin rustin dust in all what’s icomenning death of de missin onnesturdnurturin.

Sheetennin in between Iconigasminism at the same timaoconic eatennin us away from myfakass grinnin sheettenin aint nuttin but Mortality of a snail wid legs rainboweninnin sliding over herebe where everstreak of CareerIconic sheet be worsenin ploytoys be badlygladly be unelivennin.

Buckleupda weapons of antimercy be mailingblack corpse be rottennin fastas a skin flash wet widda lickbe so promissin b, B bu, Bu but, Butt iconeesput Putt raygun die increments of Time be inbetweenin splasshbe a dash be morlika death made us promissin to workadatime be iconhabittennin justbe waitennin for iconskin dowhat Alpha does best to fakagrinennin

Ubedeepressennin fakarooneyennin best what be iconicalpha says to hideaway life under what be orgasmennin dagreetbigga Lovewoe what be most woe be dewomannin?

Ubedeepressennin n risennin to the dubbleblast onnaa bubbleshake holeimreessennnin in between haireelegsdat be dancennin scissor’s Joy malenninblack rock/papericon declassennin?

Webe de churchwhat be eatennin atus wassenninnin icon besounreal we be out livennin Hate what all dat deadbe happennin, and we call ourelves a blast fromde past what all be gone-iconsa b happennin?

Upside down a frown for a life, and see where datkarmaiconnenin gettyasinshit sittennin n depressenninsameole turdennin fakesuasgae linkssmellennin?

Taperennin n barely toleratennin din clamoroennin comennin n goinennin pin ballerollennin heavy from sidetoside indasame ballaroonees be Time stealerobbeyellennin deathwarmedover all datbebody iconicwastetime dinklinkdusty rustyhappennin.

I camehere to lighten up a few, butinstedda melightennin mebe unlearnennin inalldebig huge lackoluster energeea vampiresbe winnennin, so iconshitdebed be depressennin in fakarooneesso badweallbe fadetoblack n greydiennin n betollsunderdegun speedbumpennin.

MuddaEarthmotives be shottoutta de sky we be breathennin, n beduckitchennin, so walkdonna runennin bede same as anyiconicshitya be breathennin, cause shittaffect bedacause n shittaffect be itchdeffect, and we be da same woman as maneffect dat blackmailennin debeowe asmuchwebe fastarunnenin slippereebe shitcummeninn slidesidennin depressionennin beiconic orgasmennin alldeimpressionnin.

Iconurappaloosa Lifegivaway Lovedeadtake belifeawaylife orngasmismic iconicennin bemirrorfaka Timelinkup twinkillinennin n speedbuminde-nite deathtolleroony bedepressenn.

Ibe depressennin n ubedressennin, sewebedyennin n depressenninm Iconicfakarooney n becummin outclassifyennin lifebediennin n topsecretennin blastarooneyennin; and denweaddkids to makedis puzzlennin even, more hard towet deelust-what all bejustkeep icondepression bealphapuzzlee whahappenin.

Subtextennin Awakening-relief:

We are all a bunch of energy vampires, shooting each other out of the d***ennin GMO turd skyennin breathennin, yet any honestennin is the Iconic imaginary enemy of all the winners who can’t seem to stop losennin lossenennin death at the hands of all vampire psychopaths who f***d***itch rob us blind and, so much silence everso anger-depressing n truthbetold more deafennin. Spittennin shitsplatter n Big Gulp splashennin…

Bring a baby in, fake a baby in, then take a baby in, so far away from Heaven we all be shameshakennin, so rest a while by the side of the Moat-brook where the iconicego Alpha-queen castles crumble, and lean up against one of these stoners where the cookie crumbles, to pee when you have to, so babies will know what letting go of we, Earth Hatred Fiery red-hot piss ants is, all shithappennin n outtaboutennin.

If we be honest, would that we be Kind, we can see how we treat Aether Neutral is the same as how we treat newborn baby Child-sacrifices so we, shit-heads are the very complicit Cannibal-debts, our dumbed down DNA-is-shit super-stress secret-depressed, already too iconic-rancid dead.

“I am a super stressed Icon-worshipping iconic-rancid depression in Aether Neutral bevampirennin, and everyone round doing my mirror miming best to deny what we, cannibals do to support this much undead-crushing Karma under the Big Oil wheels of, so many human sacrifices, even the Castle-flies can, hardly stand our Alpha-winner psychopathic iconic Royal-ass A-holiness motives to, still baby-compact our hidden-shit, and keep Satanic-singsong Alpha-iconic Bully-victim selling-shit smile~buy denying-it?”

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