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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Pine Cone within a Bad Slave: Matrix-Slave Born/Die Life-Denied

Reflections on Freedom

Immortal Love Source scintillating from deep within has, never revealed itself through me until Freedom Reigns wet mist of Holy Spirit Supreme for me, the us of me, the telepathic Kind resonance of ONENESS Spirit Conscience absolute unborn infinite Crystalline Christ Light Indigo Kind affinity Aether-neutral sublimation of the Human Spirit within each, as all and, all as each in Joy, and effervescent cooperating Creative Intelligent Heavenly Harmony.

Somewhere within Spiritual Sovereignty Delight from Love of all Life is breathing me, the me of us Flux-flow freeing energy, the thing-less things of freedom for, all is overtone tweaking up so, many new Joy~notches that I can, finally feel our Matrix-slave born/die Life-denied Commonality, and none too soon. I remember clinging, so pitifully to a slave-job, that I denied my Body-prison shame, until I got a new job, and began working off my 2 week notice.

I wasn’t able to sense lifetimes of slavery rage, until I knew for sure I didn’t need to “yessa massa” no mo. Two weeks, and each day another way I was holding in my, own freedom, many Slave-rage experiences blurted right out in front of me, as if I was watching boil, and bubble spill the beans from the slow frog Hot-frowning, ever so slowly in Matrix-slave born/die Life-denied chicken-legs knee-jerk Truth of Love repenting, waking up deep inside my own personal leap-frog hopping Spiritual Sovereign, ever present commonality interconnection to our rage-denied.

So many ways and, so many dayless daze I had forced myself to migrate into the Satanic furnace heating up my Blood, and not until I scintillated last night in the News of waking up to freedom was I able to, honestly feel what we all are feeling, if not aware yet, that it’s none too soon for us to replicate our Innocent Joy of the Inner Child Spirit-forgotten within each of any working stiff still paying with our life, just to row worn out dungeon handles like mine of splintering ole fracture-oar Matrix-slave number born/die Life-denied #17, 432.

I denied my rage, before as an innocent child will respond-in-kind, once we discover it’s no longer emotionally safe to self-disclose without a pout-doubt, and remain censured-silent, just for our last chance to, merely survive physically, without any interconnection to our Sovereign Spiritual resonance, that we can hardly breath in, and breath out freely any more dry bones connected to knee jerk Prison-slavery catcher hanging-tree underground collective-shame hang-your-head-down memories.

Hydrate you old raisin, jump off your four dark horses, and sneak away out the back of the saloon, and give back the Conscience you stole from the bank in the dusty ghost town where lives your ego. Jump off the four galloping dark horses, leave this dusty no-name town on foot, and jump into the water in the fountain of our Sovereignty. Stop being always thirsty from your anger/fear/pain/shame riders. Learn to say “You’re right, I’m Sorry” once again. Get off your lonely dusty road; you’ve been kidnapped right out of bed, and can’t remember to pray in all the excitement.

God please help; I can’t co-operate with you; please stop these galloping horses! Ever spend a day riding these dark horses? When I feel in a slump, tired out of energy, chances are I’m angry and don’t know it. When I am bored, and listless chances are I’m angry and don’t know it. When I’m depressed chances are I’m angry, and don’t know it. When I’m lonely chances are I’m angry, and don’t know it. When I’m scared chances are my ego may be inside gambling, horses tied at the bar in the dusty ghost town of my raisin mind, and the bank has been robbed of my Conscience.

Become a tiny cell, like a marble among other colorful marbles, soften and get fluid and plump, like a grape. We can hydrate, and become a fountain together in any shape the energy forms in the Toroidal flux lines of ONENESS will. Connect in special intelligence, dance, and flow in the magic of effervescence. We are for~every~where timeless, peaceful, and content in the living water cascading all around us. We become the water of absolute unborn existential Life-infinite Crystalline will, and no Mortal vessel holds us in one shape.

We smile and slide close to each other with smooth cushioned resilient skin, that appears as Light to reflect our Life for each other. We are Conscience, and have a Conscience within Coherent Spirit consciousness as we bathe in the music, colors, and Light of innocence emerging, growing, flowing, and changing. We sprinkle around in the fountainhead of the Effulgence of Immortal Love that we are, ever transforming in energy, and timelessness. We become becoming, glitter inside, and inspire each other in Infinity’s Living water, our tears, and Joy.

Thank you Rage~repenting Coherent Spirit Freeing Grace scintillating the absolute protection, and guidance from feeling telempathic Creative Intelligence isn’t any less satisfying gratification, than being able to express the core infinite commonality, that comes from these meditation-stillness lyrical wordless-miracles singing songs of innocence.

The most subtle dissonance arrives reconciled from Immortal Love’s Sweet Beloved Nectar, in devotion to my, every denied separation shame, that keeps trying to Rage-justify, more Collective self-punishment Consciousness to satisfy, more Karmic-dissonance gender-separation hubristic-proof of Guilt’s fear/mirror-double/death.

Thank you ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love energy Telepathic Effulgence for creating us in ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love Flux-flow freeing-energy enlightening liquefiable interconnection deep within, all Sentient Light Beings, that ever were, are, and will be replete within me, timeless reverie within me, inviolate protection within me, and invisible guidance from within us all.

Thank you for the kind wisdom of gratitude to experience forgiveness Peace of others, as myself to enlighten Compassionate Delight for others, as myself, and to Unify Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes replication-freedom Mercy of others, as myself and, especially to feel this morning’s Coherent Spirit Freeing Grace within others, as my own intention to enjoy Multidimensional Joy in Heavenly Cooperating infinite Golden Ray HoloGlow Harmony.

Not only can I feel other’s intimate Joy benefitting from our interconnecting Harmony, but I can feel others supporting my Joy~needs to compliment our Oversoul family Communion freedom approaching, so what’s happening, and what is going on sings from our One Heart, that beats for all with new Ascension Awareness within each as all, and all as each, within Benevolent-complicity surrender inside Magnanimity’s Celestial Salvation.

Darwin-less dare I poesy for, all our Matrix-slave born/die Life-denied Body-censuring Prison-rage, that I Love you all with my ancient-child Spirit-heart within Peace of Love~Bright Light~Freeing Crystalline Innocence for~every~where Effulgence!

#NOFEAR Why Q Team and Humanity Needs Our Courage! #SPACEFENCE #HEARTRESONANCE

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