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Friday, March 2, 2018

Pine Cone within Holy Spirituality: Physical Time Spin

Everything Is Connected And Interdependent - Alan Watts

Life existence within Aether-neutral non-Physical non-Time non-Spin non-mirror/double-illusion Vortices, exchanges all chemical solid-motives into Light exchanging Coherent Spirit Immortal Love Flux-flow freeing energy interstice non-Matrix need to pretend to move at all any more…… TIME….. Time….. time….. t…i…m…e….. SEX….. Sex….. sex….. s…e…x….

The Physical illusion Vortex of Atomic nuclear Karmic-dissonant lifetime-degeneration spinning Time-motives separates Karmic-body lifetimes sexing~gender anomalies, yet Coherent Spirit timeless reverie into absolute unborn infinity surrender is non-Movie f…r…e…e….. free….. Free….. FREE non-It non-Me Non-You non-separation motive-free from any more Physical Time Spin SEX-Tangle Time-tango Physical-role Solid-illusion CONSPIRACY….. Coherent Spiritual Sovereignty…p…i…r…a…t…e….. piracy.

Playing Physical-roles puts a Time Spin pretentious motive on everything, yet the greatest enduring gender Coherent Spirit timeless reverie Sovereignty metaphor left us for dead under the spell of Physical Time Spin, in surrender into absolute unborn infinite Life existence within Aether-neutral non-Physical non-Time non-Spin non-mirror/double-illusion Crystalline-free from this unforgiven cell-division separating Physical Time Spin Karmic-dissonant Suffering Bowel-movement Movie Vortex.

Life in Holy Spirituality within Immortal Love enlightening existence defines the absence of Physical Time Spin motives, defines the absence of gender-survival motif, and refines unassuming responsiveness, the absence of ‘clumsy’ in the Creature-creation Physical Time Spin pretentious human-lying repertoire.

Physical Time Spin motif is, all a body-motive memory-blast from the past, not free at last, ever, and yet here we are, arguing with Physical Time Spin motif itself, as if fear is, all that’s left of us in this paralyzing ‘stop the train I wanna get off’, and I don’t mean the ‘getting off’ that, just puts more mile-high-club Spin of Physical Time Body-prison Progeny-separation’s almost complete lack of trust for our non-Life existence role model within this Matrix Mafia non-Aether-neutral Physical Time Spin mirror/double-illusion SEX-Tangle Time-tango Physical-role Solid-illusion CONSPIRACY….. Coherent Spiritual Sovereignty-piracy lifeless non-free Child-prison paradigm.

The grateful impression I get from this Forgiveness Prayer single eye vision, is to stop pretending there, even is a Space/Time limited-continuum separation-illusion, and say it differently within the ONENESS-motive to express our ‘fox in the hen pen’ Sex-suffering as “Physical Time Spin altogether” in this Duality-dizzying Vortex, that moves us away from Meditation timeless~reverie stillness, all the Time we, spinners Time everything to a control-freak polite-lifetime ‘T’ for Karmic-dissonant broken-hearted ‘two life existences’, as if that’s, even Spiritually ‘absolute unborn infinity’ possible to remain, oh so deafening incoherent visibly ‘unkind’, all the Time.

Who doesn’t spin the ole whatfor, and what visible thing isn’t, just another sexual metaphor in Physical Time favor Power-over Blackmail=Creature=Burnout Spiritual anomalies, yet if everything physical, ever survived, what butt-fear would replace, even more Guilt appeasement-need to remain ‘eat the hard biscuit’ Love-lorn separate here? This confusing-to-me sounding pounding founding seems like one of those in-between sufferings, that will reveal itself to support me later, so I want to share a sideline process of Life existence New motives in case both are intertwined once I get out of ONENESS Way:

Journal 022318 I Don’t trust!

I don’t trust the system. If I buy a house, or build a house, either way I become a victim of the elite immoral debt-prison of the banksters, the realtors, the contractor bribe system, and the genocidal government Satanists.

Right now, since I am aware of, all the evil in this World of monsters, and aware of everything changing to enjoy abundance soon, at the same time, it doesn’t make any common sense to invest in the World again yet, when soon, very soon we, all will become debt free, and receive free-energy replicator abundance, like no one can, even imagine here yet.

I feel like a true Traveler in between Ascension Galactics, and Earth low-energy suffering, so I may want to move away, or remove myself from service here any more, once the Jubilee Event takes place to be able to choose.

Journal 030118 I am Black-balled:

by a group of realtors who know each other very well in the business of censuring those not welcome by their gossip character assassination efforts to control their shit house-rat limited-evil Consciousness. These are my mirror double Saviors to want to control my, own constant vigilance for safety ‘nowhere’ here yet, so I Ascension-surrender…

I see God in these others, by accepting this protection, and guidance, not to buy right now, and to invest my new Ascension-energy in the Coherent Spirit Paradigm, to let the healing from letting go of fused relationships, and all my lifetimes remaining addicted to narcissistic psychopaths, like my similar Satanic Parent handlers.

Intense cold, coldhearted lost souls here, and running away here to escape my fear of Slave-rage, is not for me any more, so I am putting, all my trust in getting blackballed from here, as the best protection, and guidance for how to handle my welcome unknown non-control, non-clinging to the Physical World addiction, that is letting ‘me’ go now too, so “Thank you for, all the bad examples again, and Good lessons again Collective unconscious-evil Consciousness!”

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