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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Questioner: What Needs to be Done Here?

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

Good Morning,

I have a question regarding preliminary heirarchy to the Piscean Age. Its apparent that we make the shift in a universal format revolving around 12-21-2012. This is to my understanding; about 25,772 years therefore every 12,336 years we also rotate from masculine to feminine polarity. We have done this through multiple ages thus far.

1. Atlantis/Lumeria - was this time around the 12,000 year mark or 25,000 year mark? Need to be sure of this so I can accurately say if the (Anuk) Annunaki were part of the fallen ones. Its important to me regarding the manipulation of the Human Genome, how the genetics were muted through chromosoal stagnation. The 23rd chromosome to be exact. The Human still being born with a double helix strand of DNA into Dualistic modernization is Bad News. We should be operating at 8 to 12 molecular strands of DNA by now. It became more clear to me that the population being forced though non-arbitrary re-incarnation will have its Final Showdown Soon. The Left Brain/Right Brain patternization will finally be addressed as a type of Cognitive functionality that isnt supportive to the relevance and relationships we have through our mobile technology.

For the 1st time we are open to Univerasal thought process and so many Never quick to remember such a powerful benefit of whom we are and whom we've always beeen.

2. Luciferian Agenda - I keep close contact with a couple of authors who express the Discussions and Ideas of Lucifer himself, among othiers' who have suggested that luciferian agendas are similar to the the (Law of One Material) or RA Matertial. From what I have read, they do look similar. Is this the same material? There is a great Harvest that is mentioned around the time of the precession of the equinoxes. At this Harvest Humanity can either hopefully understand enough to Ascend to the 4th and then 5th density/dimension which would allow them to make a choice to depart this Earthly frequency and Repeat another Age of 25,772 years of catacalismic history , or move on to a New Earth where the ultimate goal would be to reach the 6th, 7th and finally an 8th density, requiring them to also also choose to start the New Locale as a Negative Polarity Soul? Is this right?

3. Lucifer explained things in a sufficiant Manner according to about 50 32nd degree Freemasons from lodges all over the U.S. Lucifer channelled this information to all the men at once in a 4 - 5 day period. The Q&A which was full of Great Questions and Answers. Duality and Polarity seem to be a fit here on earth's plane regardless of breaking free of dual or linear thought process. Is this how we were supposed to Start and then Progress into Human Transmigration natuirally and with little resistance?

4. Will many humans be left behind and made to repeat multiple lives under a Covered Veil Again?

5. Has the Cabal or The Elite (Rothchilds, Rockafellers and other ruling bloodlines) who have co-created this seperation, Already Left to another place where they may operate remotely as We All Go Through a Pre-Generated Global Disaster only to lose it all again like Atlantis? I have read 2 times on the web that they departed and have got us perfectly cornered? It is to my undertanding that many attempts at Mind-Control have been made such as MK Ultra and Other projects. It Appears they attempt Several ways of trying to pinpoint light workers and those whom have come to earth planes to assist in a Global Wake-Up Call?

What Needs To Be Done Here?

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