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Friday, March 16, 2018

Shulkin and General John Kelly Fired, Massive Layoffs to Hit Tomorrow

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Massive Layoffs To Hit Tomorrow, VA Secretary Shulkin & Chief Of Staff Gen. John Kelly FIRED

March 15, 2018

Source: The Gateway Pundit | By Lucian Wintrich

A source close to multiple senior White House officials has exclusively told the Gateway Pundit that massive layoffs within the Trump administration are slated to hit tomorrow.

Speaking anonymously but on the record, The Gateway Pundit was informed the layoffs will not just affect senior officials but entire teams:

“Many staffers were being told not to come to work tomorrow, they are still finalizing the full list of people who are out.”

The press will try to spin this as a president in scandal and under fire, but this is really the president continuing to streamline his administration with the best individuals for the job, hopefully with this shake-up the administration furthers its ability to push forward their agenda as efficiently and robustly as possible.

Among senior officials on the chopping block is chief of staff John Kelly and VA Secretary Shulkin.

Our source explained that these moves will help put power back in the hands of the president: “Trump wants to take back control of his administration, that means more allies come in for the first time. Even the people who don’t end up getting fired, he’s looking for plan Bs on everybody at this point. I’m curious to see how Muller responds…”

When asked further about VA Secretary Shulkin, it seems that his failures and lavish use of taxpayer money for a European vacation is what finally set the president off:

“He was an Obama appointee, he had bipartisan support but then he got caught. Trump has this combination thing – if you’re embattled in scandal and failing him then you’re gone. Shulkin was not doing his job well and he was f***ing up generally.”

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