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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Starship Earth: The Big Picture -- Kryon on False Predictions

Kryon on False Predictions [video]

MARCH 1, 2018


In this utterly inspiring session Kryon reminds us that when the Mayan calendar ended in 2012, multiple cycles and timelines also ended. Negative ones. The predictions and prophesies of those old energies are not meant to be part of our future.

Kryon has reminded us many times that none of the negative events we expected have come to pass, yet still some persist in putting them on their near-future calendar. There has been no cataclysm. There has been no horrendous pole shift. There has been no nuclear war. There has been no devastating asteroid event. We are in the clear—unless we say we want and expect problems.

It seems a lot of people didn’t shift with the new energies, however, and still walk around every day waiting for the other shoe to drop. Some spend their days working out just when that financial crash will occur.

They are not recognizing that the negative energies potentially departed with those old cycles and they are unwittingly perpetuating the doom, gloom and drama that might have been—like we deserve it.

It’s critical that we establish and live a new truth; a positive expectation for the good things coming our way on Earth. If too many people put their focus and attention on the negative, that could be what they create—for us all.

That is why the cabal floods the news and the Internet with negativity; with material to make us feel powerless. That is why they continue to have the “experts” tell us there will be a monetary crisis. It is why they continue to pull off staged events to make us feel like victims and that we have no control over anything. There’s always a boogeyman; always the fear of something terrible about to happen. Not on MY watch.

Some publish information stating there will be a terrible financial crash because they are paid and programmed to do it. Others do it because they exist in a bubble… within their own area of “expertise” and they are not privy to the work done behind the scenes by the Humanitarians working almost around the clock to rally the troops and agree on a new financial system; that there will be no more war; they they will thwart the attempts of the dark’s army to continue on the way they always have.

In the past when the cabal controlled world events and the financial system they orchestrated market crashes and depressions. They no longer have the power to do that. We live in a different world now.

Every attempt to minimize disruption, fear, confusion and inconvenience has been made and a relatively smooth transition is expected. If you go from financial expert to financial expert looking for their dim prognoses then that is exactly what you will find, expect and potentially create.

The messages and information I am getting, that synchronistically find their way to me and that I resonate wholeHEARTedly with, tell me there will be no WWIII, and there will be no chaotic financial crisis. That’s my “truth”, as Kryon calls it, and that’s my expectation. That is the future I am giving my energy and focus to, and strive to bring into being.

Kryon calls upon we “old souls” to steer the negative ones in a more positive direction. We are here to bring Light, not more darkness. Why would we help the El-ites to create the misery and suffering of the world they thrive in? That will only prolong the dark days and delay the gifts we came to receive. We don’t have to flounder in a sea of negativity. It’s a choice.

Does Source want war and financial collapse for us? Do any of the Light Beings who support us want that for us? Do the Star Nations want that? Then why would we want that for ourselves?

Kryon finished up with an important tip. He said we have to love ourselves, because if we don’t believe we’re worthy of good things, we won’t be able to manifest them.

Sharing positive messages and embodying the potential to create the bright new world we want to see isn’t naïve or idealistic, it’s our job as creators and old souls who know better. I don’t want the manifestation of old, negative potentialities on my résumé. ~ BP

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