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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Starship Earth: Lionel Nation on the Hot and Prickly QAnon Debate

Lionel Nation on the Hot and Prickly QAnon Debate [video]

MARCH 28, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Thank you Lionel for the commentary on the “intel wars”. WE in the independent news community are on the same side and need to cool our jets. QAnon isn’t something we should allow to divide us. It will all come out in the wash.

The original Q brought so many people together and inspired them as much as President Trump’s campaign speech. If someone else hopped on the boards and stole the audience it is what it is. We don’t need to throw it all away. We still have a lot more awakened patriots than we did pre-Q and President Trump needs a united force behind him. Petty bickering serves no one.

I have expressed my delight before about the array of wonderful, generous, colourful personalities on the Internet and their unique ways of bringing us key information—and entertaining us at the same time. I like “real” people, just being themselves. Authentic is good and imperfections are welcome.

We don’t all enjoy the same delivery, and that’s fine. I love the banter between Betsy and Thomas at AIM. Betsy is the incredibly strong spiritual woman behind the unbelievably brilliant spiritual man who needs no notes; he just shares what he knows. Betsy is the regimented foil for Thomas’s inclination to casually wander off in the weeds and they make me laugh out loud. I have learned an incredible amount from them these past few months since I discovered them.

Lionel goes into some other major Q interpreters and their charms and credentials. They all have their appeal and if this were a thoroughbred race I’m sure some would be cheering their first picks. I had some success with a quinella, but as Lionel reminds us, it’s ultimately about the Truth, not the Favourite. Truth—rather than being “right”.

We have to enjoy the journey, and being at each others’ throats will only make the battle front that much more unpleasant to occupy as we beat back the enemy—ONE enemy—and watch them make a hasty retreat.

We still have the freedom to believe what and who we like, and friendly debate is what intelligent, informed people sometimes do.

As one of our Starship readers noted, Mercury is in retrograde again until April 15 so we might want to put extra effort into our communications, avoid misunderstandings, and even let things slide a little to keep the peace.

Because most of us care very deeply about the liberation of Humanity and the current effort to drain the swamp here in America, our emotions sometimes bubble up and get the best of us. We’ve been asked to remain calm, even-keeled, and not get excessively excited in a positive or negative way. We don’t want to feed the animals.

The rogue players for the other side will reveal who they are over time. We needn’t beat it out of them; we just need to keep our situational awareness switched on at all times and never let our guard down.

I won’t be watching many videos about who Q is or which Q is which, nor will I be deciphering clues or munching on breadcrumbs. That’s for others to do because it’s their forté. There are other important issues to deal with.

Particularly interesting Q updates may entice me to give a listen now and then and share updates, but it takes too much time to be a Q aficionado. It’s important to keep our sense of humour and I prefer to keep it light listening to eloquent, witty summaries in a video journal à la monsieur Nation. ~ BP

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