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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Problem of 800,000 American Children Going Missing a Year

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Kenneth James Goodrich

How to sort out the problem of 800,000 American children a year going missing; raped, murdered and in some cases eaten. In fact, 90% of Americans have eaten human DNA in their hamburger as Jared Rand, who is part of all that is, acknowledged. Coincidence?

We have the people and agencies who do the crimes? Rich elite, bankers, lawyers, politicians, etc. We have the people and agencies who act like they are trying to find them. Rich elite, bankers, lawyers, politicians, people who do not wish to stop the status quo. Etc. We have the people who report it. Mothers and fathers born into the illusion that looks to the agencies with no bark or bite. Around the world the missing rises to well over 7,000,000 missing children a year with only 23 countries speaking of it. China as big as it is only has 20,000 missing children a year. Churches are worthless to complain to. They march for rights of everyone but children unless they wish to abort them. Now, we’re up to 50,000,000 abortions in America. President Trump is moving like a box turtle, and doing his best not to aggravate the corrupt in Washington D.C. We Light-beings wait for and hope for the Event; Love Wave that Allison Coe and others have been speaking of. QAnon says do not worry we have everything covered. No one will escape and no deals. Weeks go by, months go by and our minds are filled with drama. Each moment the diversion goes on and more children go missing, while QAnon watches. Something is wrong with this. Dinar gurus are telling us lies and then say they did it for our benefit. Now, who is the problem with all this chaos and depravity? I AM. Not me personally but the collective of all of us who watch and do nothing. Our voices as “I AM” can meditate together and send “God in Action” to stop all of this.

This is a good decree to say each day or night. You can do something because your thoughts create.

"Mighty I AM PRESENCE, Divine Director, Mighty Cosmic Victory and Beloved Astrea, sweep through our lands to seize and bind any person, document or entity that is causing harm to our country America; and remove them from our shores forever. And, let the Christ-Light shine."

Who is responsible for bringing heaven on earth? "I AM!"

America! America! My blessed I AM Country! The Light of God that never fails. America! Tis Thee. America! America! The Cup that holds the Christ-Light that will light the planet wide. America, my love for thee, let her freedom reign without divide.

Kenneth James Goodrich, 1st Battalion Light Warrior of The I AM COMMAND.

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