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Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Recent UFO Sky Battle was Only a Training Exercise

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Despite earlier supposition reports of the UFO "battle" over Yellowstone, Clairvoyant Jay Essex explains it was only a training exercise destroying only drone training targets. There was also reported DUMB base removals around the same time.

My friend Jazz told me it was illogical to have a real space fight with one side staying in a straight line. "Watch any space battle movie!" he said. Looks like he picked up that something was off about the cell video report intuitively, before others.

U.S.-Drachk Starship Warfare Training Exercise (2-24-2018)

Jay also states his son is part of a group of hand-picked human fighters being the first ones to now go train at a Drach military far away base to learn how to use the most powerful weapons in the 3rd dimension against the "problematic Annunaki" being routed from our planet.

Actually, the MOST powerful weaponry used here is the Pure Light of Source beams employed - when nothing else will do - by our own super secret Earth/Lightbeing Chrononaut Sovereign Defense Forces who upgrade our Sovereign Defense Freedom Fighters recruited from all over the time and dimension constructs. They have quietly been behind every battle we have had since 2010. That is how we have been able to prevail against all the "superior" - on paper - ET & ED forces that all attacked us that you never heard about.

SOURCE defends IT's territory against darkness encroachment without ever judging it. Interestingly, SOURCE does not even recognize darkness as existing. To do so would contaminate it.

Welcome to our new, hopefully more benevolent, "good" Annunaki ET biology masters claiming ownership rights to our bodily genetic creation, even while we are now supposedly being freed. We are gaining freedoms, in a sense, but we are actually Spirits still trapped in artificial past-future time bubbles. While in these biologies, with our fake minds and emotions, that others live off of, we are programmed to think this is all there is.

Any "god" wanting worship is defective since it wants you as inferior.

Folks, I guess ya can't tell the players without a scorecard.

No RV again today. Chemtrails still burning my eyes at night. Some chem spewing planes have no human pilots. Some are airline passenger planes, and a pilot told me some chemtrails are invisibly mixed with all jet fuels. No one arrests the airlines or their flyers. Or the municipal electricity station coal ash producers that create and profitably export the necessary waste coal ash, or the railroad train owners that have tracks connecting the coal ash railcars to the airports.

No one turns off in plain sight HAARP. They only give reports of HAARP's smaller repeater destruction. Dimensional life here is still ultimately very real appearing to us, but if we're all in time, we're still not fully in Spirit, still not living in the now.

The whole dimensional expanse of duality is still a fake construct; complete with fake pasts and futures, and plenty of passion play good guy / bad guy fake actors, still real appearing to us, but with our Spirits still trapped in created time, and still under somebody or something else's AI slavery. We are all holograms that are real 3 hours a month, just temporarily inserted here in our biosuits long enough to power up and keep our images and surroundings running.

What is really real truth anyway?

The only thing I know I can trust is my own shining Radiance Spirit in my own heart.

Using the shining Radiance,
you enter the Light,
where no harm can come to you. - Rumi

Pax Vobiscum

Mr. Oxygen (R)

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