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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Waking up to the Reality of Things

Has everyone been duped? When are we going to take corrective action?

Now we can see how we have been negligent in looking only at the Khazarian Mafia when the fact is the deep state runs very deep as it has infiltrated all social programs. We are the deep state. It is true the Luciferian/Satanists are in all walks of life and in every profession. They are highly indoctrinated to the agenda to maintain the oligarchy system, the slave and slave master. They are trained in the 'dark arts' the art of spell casting and invocation. Yet they are blind or do not care to see that they are binding their spirit to the lower density astral entities they are invoking while imprisoning the rest of us in the process. Yet, we cannot ignore the fact that even though the Luciferian/Satanists walk among us we are also the ones working in Government agencies and in the factories, we are the ones supporting capitalism and purchasing the products with their toxic chemicals.

We are living in a multi-agency seize. The flesh and blood men and women in these agencies need to be served with Claim of Liability and Claim of Corruption. THEY ARE COMMITTING CRIMES AND MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE CHOICES THEY ARE MAKING.

We must release the false narrative that we bought into from birth. We must serve them with our own claim and claim our sovereignty as the source of our own life and the source of our own love. For the sake of ALL the children born of the 12 tribes of man.

A true "Spiritual Warrior" of Truth and Restorative Justice is Ved Chaudhari. Ved has been petitioning Governments for years. She has filed corruption claims in the UK Courts. She has declared a state of emergency numerous times. On the 28th of February in the Gregorian Year of 2018 Ved Chaudrai published the following video in which she speaks of State Terrorism and how we are all subjected to it. She speaks of what we as the 7.4 billion minus the ones actively cooperating in State Terrorism can do about it.To watch Ved's video go to the following webpage

It has become necessary to put everyone in A SPIRITUAL COURT OF EQUITY!

"May life be filled with the joy, glory, and passion of you being uniquely you." :) <3

Sending you light and love while holding you in my light and in my love.

Infinite blessings for a life of joy,

Spiritual Alchemist, Meditation Instructor, Educator/Trainer for the New Earth
Shifting consciousness while waking up the Masses & Transforming lives with the 'Freedom of Love'.

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