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Saturday, March 24, 2018

X-Anon: Where are the Real Evil Ones

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By X-Anon

Where are the REAL Evil Ones

Out of all the high profile names that are being thrown out by the Q-Anon type revelations, where, exactly, are the two most hideous and heinous names that are quietly connected to all of this…

George Herbert Walker Bush, and George W. Bush…???

The stuff Obama is accused of doing, though not excusable, are peanuts compared to the child abusing/murdering, genocidal (Monsanto founding and endorsing), international False Flag promoting, Soverign Nation resource stealing/diverting, Crimes-Committed-Against-all-of-Humanity Bushes.

Why aren't they, along with their Mount Everest sized list of crimes being exposed, and they indicted for them...???

In fact, *the bones of Bush family founder Prescott Bush, should be dug up, then strung up in effigy for producing the two biggest evils of the American 20th century.

(*for satirical purposes only)


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